Sometimes I look through my list of people who have done the round-up before, and I am surprised to see how long ago it was they have done it. That’s what happened when I saw Kilted Wookie’s name on my list, and realized it was almost a 100 weeks ago that I had asked him to do a round-up. He did it twice before, the first time for week 306 (read it here) and the second time is mentioned in Wookie’s words below. You can read Wookie’s words on his blog, and please also consider joining in with his never-ending meme, The Penis Project.

Top 3 for week 437 by Kilted Wookie

OK, so third time’s a charm, or possibly not. Having done this twice before (albeit my most “recent” review was all the way back in December 2018 for week 341), you’d think that I’d:

  • Have some idea of what I’d let myself in for; and
  • Find it easier having had some practice.

Suffice to say to say, the only thing that my previous turns at doing the Top 3 have taught me is that choosing just three from the posts submitted would be difficult task. This time was no exception; it was every bit as hard as I remembered because, as always, you lot never fail to deliver.

So, in no order at all, I give you my three picks of week 437:

The Dragon Tail by missy
I’ve never actually used a custom flogger on my partner, but I have been known to unleash the leathery kiss of my belt. Not only does missy wonderfully describe her reactions, from the first teasing touch to the tail being used with abandon, but she also manages to convey the sense of knowing HL’s state as he builds to delivering the tail’s full stinging potential. I’ve often wondered when I’ve been delivering a thrashing if the recipient is aware of how their response to my actions feeds my own passions and, from missy’s words, it seems she is fully attuned to what is driving HL in those moments.

The Woods by Marie Rebelle
This is a wonderfully simple tale of a couple overcome by the urgency of their desire. As a lover of the outdoors, and a fairly frequent lover out of doors, this story spoke to me because it reminds me of so many of my own al fresco adventures. The need, the seclusion, the possibility of being disturbed, overseen, or overheard adding to the intensity of the situation. We can’t really control when the need for a satisfyingly hard fuck will come over us, nor what our location we will be when it happens, but sometimes you just simply have to have each other, and this story captures that.

In The Realm Of The Sensei by Jaime Mortimer
So, we have two submissives, one obedient and one bratty, and we have their “sensei” with his cane; we know where this one is going don’t we? Well, as it happens, no we don’t. That’s what I liked about this story; it went somewhere I wasn’t expecting. I thought I was getting a story of discipline and pain and instead got something that was much gentler and intensely sensual and, I think, all the more intensely arousing for the taking an unfamiliar path. The result, a delightfully intense and passionate scene that leaves the reader to fill in what happened next how however they want to imagine it.

So those are my picks. For the rest of the posters, a big thank you for, yet again, making my task such a pleasantly difficult one.


Pink… just pink.

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