I know this says that Charmer is doing the roundup, but somehow I knew she and Snake would do it together. Snake has done the roundup twice before – for week 344 (read it here) and week 371 (read it here). Charmer and Snake blog together on their blog called Steeled Snake, and they are currently running an ongoing meme, Snake Den A-Z. This was only going to be for August, but they have just announced the theme for October, so get involved.

Top 3 for week 435 by Steeled Charmer

Wicked Wednesday has always been one of our favorite memes to participate in and read so we were thrilled to get picked to do the top 3. Playing games is one of my favorite things to do so this prompt was perfect.
Even though I, Charmer, am writing this, Snake and I always both come up with our top choices and then see if we match up. Sometimes we are completely in sync and other times we have to compromise–meaning that we take my choices. This time we both managed to come up with 4 so we had to pare it down a bit. Two were both of our top choices and the third was mine. Of course. Here are our top 3:

Photo Challenge: Game On by Littlegem
We loved the idea of an ongoing challenge/game that takes us out of the daily grind. This was so much fun and it was a fabulous photo too. The idea of a game really fits within what we like to do and the fact that it is challenging and not too easy makes it even better.

The Games They Played by F. Leonora
And isn’t this the truth? All of the games that we play aren’t necessarily the ones that we talk about. Each installment of this story is fun and always leaves us waiting for the next one. Such great characters.

Playtime in BDSM: Why Do We Call It ‘Play’? by Liz Black
This is something that we say as well and I’ve often thought about why we call it play. The idea that it takes us out of our ordinary lives and into a private space is exactly what good play is all about. Fabulous post.


In this time of Covid19, we can’t travel as we did before, which makes it a nice moment to share memories of previous travels. Tell us of all the places you have been before.
(If you share a life memory, please consider adding it to Mrs. Fever’s Reminiscences Project, where her last prompt remains open for all to add their memories. Do remember to add her badge to your post too.)

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Marie Rebelle.

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