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I always love welcoming back people for the weekly roundup, and this is already the fourth time Brigit has done it. To recap, Brigit did the roundups for week 313 (read it here), week 338 (read it here), and week 386 (read it here). Brigit is a fabulous writer, and shares not only her erotic stories, but also the highs and lows from her marriage and sex life. She shares tips about yoga, meditation and planning, and on top of this she runs the Erotic Journal Challenge and the Erotic Poetry Challenge. All of this can be found on her blog, and you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 434 by Brigit Delaney

As is my custom, I read through all of this week’s entries early and just let them sort of sit in my head for awhile. I was craving something sexy, but as is my usual preference, I sought character, conflict, and something memorable – an interesting twist, a great last line, a unique character. I also tend to veer towards those entries that follow the prompt (I’m a stickler for rules, even though that isn’t a hard and fast requirement). The entries that stuck with me made the shortlist, and then I went back and really delved into those. These are the entries that rose to the top:

“A Family Heirloom” by Jenna Kirkpatrick
Jenna is a new writer for me, but I look forward to reading more from her. I gravitate toward stories that instantly set up an interesting dynamic and introduce intriguing characters right away. This story does that. It also uses dialogue well, and the writing is smooth. I like that I didn’t realize that she was being paid for her services until the end, and while I sort of wish the story had ended on his final words, I still appreciated that little twist.

“Dr. Clarke’s Desk” by Elk Vilianni
Elk is also new to me. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. The first line instantly had my attention and grabbed my interest (I’m a sucker for a good opening line done through dialogue.) I appreciate a slow build to the “erotic” climax and the subtle sexiness. Excellent word choice, sentence structure, and dialogue coaxed me right to the end…oh to be left like that, bent over the desk…and what a rude awakening from such a pleasant memory.

“Gram’s Gift” by Mrs. K of Life of a Kinky Wife
This one just made me giggle…to find out that one’s grandparents were kinksters?!!! (Oh, wait…someday my own grandchildren may well have a similar uncovering!) And that the carpenter would understand because he was also part of the community?! This was just such a cute and original take on the prompt.


We all play games. Sometimes those games are board or card games, but sometimes it’s games we have made up. There are games you can play by yourself, or those you can play with a group. Sometimes games are innocent, other times not. Tell us about the games you like to play…

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Steeled Charmer.

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7 thoughts on “Prompt #435: The games we play

  1. Thank you, Brigit, for selecting my story!

    I’m so happy that I seduced you with my slow build, subtle sexiness and sentence structure… and you obviously share my predilection for being left exposed and wanting. I didn’t notice until I’d submitted (… mmm… I do love to submit!) that in both this and my previous story (‘Shani’), my protagonist was left with her panties down, longing for that touch that never came… sigh…

    Elk xx

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