Prompt #432: Missed connections

For the fourth time I am welcoming May More to the roundup, and I just love when she does it, because she always does a good job! May did the roundups for week 289 (read it here), week 342 (read it here) and week 389 (read it here). This time May cheated a bit, but we will all forgive her for that, right? May is a great writer, and you will find many of her stories on her blog. Please also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 431 by May More

Wicked Wednesday has always been my favourite meme and I love doing the round up. I think I have chosen twice before. But Marie will happily tell you the stats 😉

However I certainly had forgotten how difficult it is when there are 25 brilliant entries. But after re-reading a few here they are. Although you will see I have cheated just a tiny bit.

Social Media is not my Identity by Sass C.
I didn’t know I was choosing this post until today and it was the first one that sprang into my head when I started to write the round up. Sass talks about how she fell for Social Media and all its various trappings. She explains how she eventually realised how fake it was and also makes a very salient point,

“We do these things because we’re trying to belong, but we really don’t have to change who we are,”

Sass moves on to explain that the communities we are trying to be accepted by are far from perfect themselves.

Not so social by Kilted Wookie
Kilted Wookie has had his share of social media knocks over the years so I was really interested to read his entry. KW is a great writer and talks about how he feels some people believe they are more important than others. But what really struck me about his article was how he ends it by declaring we all really need to stand together and not fight within our community, going on to say how the disharmony is,

“making it easier for those who benefit from our disunity to use it against those who most need our support.”

Good for KW, trying to project positivity.

NB: submissy and HL are a team so I am letting their posts count as one because I could not choose between them.

Why I dislike Social Media by submissy
Missy starts by examining how much damage social media can cause among young people. Explaining that many of them do actually understand what they have done and attempt to learn by their mistakes. And this is why it is so shocking that grown adults who behave badly towards others on Social Media don’t even reflect on the hurt they have caused.

“What they seem to do is use the social media further to garner the attention of their fans who then come out in support and add their own bitter diatribe to the original slur.”

However this is a reasonably balanced argument as Missy also explains some general positives about social media too.

Online Communities by His Lordship
Two things in particular interested me about his post. First, HL mentions how some communities attract and take advantage of vulnerable groups. Perhaps making money out of others insecurities. The second is Grace. I am a firm believer in Grace. His Lordships suggests we should all show a little more Grace when using Social Media.

“Having the grace to accept that and not whip up emotional feelings in others to join your blood sport is a strength, not a weakness.”

I replied I feel the trouble is most people would not recognize grace if it jumped up and bit them 😉

Not Social Media Mention
I wanted to include those that wrote about Social Media in my round up but I could not leave without mentioning the second part of the Fiction Relay. Cousin Pons is a a friend of mine but if you read his story you will understand that anyone would have highlighted it. CP is a great writer and I would love to read more from him. For now please check out, Fiction Relay Part Two – Up North by Cousin Pons
You will not be disappointed.


Let’s turn to fiction this week: write about two people who keep crossing paths but miss actually meeting.

You can also interpret the prompt ‘missed connections’ in any way you want and write about that. As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by His Lordship.

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