Prompt #427: Looney Tunes

I have been following Jae Lynn’s blog, Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind for almost a year now (if my memory serves me right) and I was actually surprised when I realized she hadn’t done the roundup before. I was delighted when she agreed to do it! If you haven’t read Jae’s blog yet, please do, and consider taking part in her meme, Musically Ranting. You can also follow Jae on Twitter.

Before I give you Jae’s roundup, I want to bring the following to your attention:

Scott Beebe is the host of several writing prompt challenges. #StoryConver, #ConverStory #Poetryin13 #JuxThis, and a participant in other popular ones within the writing community. He has edited and published several anthologies with short stories and poetry from writers within the community. His next anthology will be an erotica one, where he is particularly looking for LGBTQ writing of:

  • poetry
  • stories
  • flash fiction
  • screenplays

More information can be found here.

Top 3 for week 426 by Jae Lynn

I’ve been a fan of Wicked Wednesday since I began my blog a year and a half ago. It was one of the first memes I joined and I still love reading the entries each week even if I don’t have much time to write for it. I was thrilled when Marie asked if I would like to do a round-up and it being a topic I find very intriguing was the icing on the cake!

Delphine’s Schooldays – Chapter 7 by Eve Ray
My first pick is Eve’s chapter in Delphine’s Schooldays
As I read through Chapter 7, I couldn’t help but wonder what fate has in store for this girl. Fate wasn’t blatantly obvious in this story but as you read each continuation you begin to wonder what could possibly happen next. Eve does a marvelous job at keeping you guessing. The introduction to the cold and calculating Catherine really has me invested in what is to come.

Fate Destiny Karma Tarot and Coffee by May More
My second pick is May’s post Fate Destiny Karma Tarot and Coffee
I was drawn into May’s post about fate as she tied it into karma, clairvoyants, tarot, and magic. These are all things that I hold an interest in and to read about another person’s perspective in the way they all play a part in her life is very intriguing. I am an avid believer in karma so May’s explanation of karmic debt hit the nail on the head.

Meant to be by MrsK.
Last, but definitely not least is Mrs K’s post Meant To Be
I wasn’t the only one fooled while reading her story, as I thought it was a lovely piece of fiction up until the very last sentence. I found myself hoping for the happy ending and boy did Mrs. K deliver. I’m pretty sure my mouth hung open for a few seconds longer than it should have.


Toon (n): a character in a cartoon film

Looney Toons, Disney, Nickelodeon, Anime…these are just a few sources of cartoons. When you think of cartoons, maybe it brings up childhood memories. Or maybe, as an adult, you now watch hentai.

Was there a particular cartoon character that you looked up to or had a crush on? Do you think any cartoon characters helped shape who you are today? Perhaps there is a specific cartoon character you now identify with? Or maybe you’ve created a cartoon character of your own? However cartoons are or were a part of your life, we’d love to hear about it.

~ Sass C.

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Sass C.

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6 thoughts on “Prompt #427: Looney Tunes

  1. Hey <3

    I started a new blog just a few days ago, and another blogger kindly mentioned you host a feature that bloggers can get involved in.

    I was reading your post above and it looked as if the theme is toons. Are you looking for a fictional short story or poem….or can it just be a personal post saying why you felt a connection with a particular cartoon character? I know exactly which toon I want to write about, I am not sure if you prefer fact or fiction.


    1. Hi Jenna, first of all, welcome to Wicked Wednesday and wanting to join in! For Wicked Wednesday you can write absolutely anything you want. The prompt is never compulsory, so really anything goes, except for what’s mentioned in the rules. So to answer your question: you can write about any toon you want, you can write fact or fiction, something serious or funny, sexy or not. Anything goes. Keep an eye on the closing time for this week’s linkup, and come back on Saturday for next week’s prompt 🙂
      I look forward to reading your post! xox

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