Prompt #425: Closed doors

I have been following MLSlavePuppet’s blog for some months now, and almost now live my kink life through reading her experiences. She’s a great writer, but she doesn’t only write. She also shares photos, and it’s obvious she has a good eye for composition. Besides this, she also runs the exciting meme, Tie Me Up Tuesday, and I have been enjoying playing with rope again!

Over the past months, I have come to see ML as a friend, and hope it continues for a long time. If you want to read her words, hop over to her blog, and you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 424 by MLSlavePuppet

I feel so lucky that I got to choose the prompt as it means I got to read a bunch of posts on the exact topic I’m so interested in! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories with me so I got to indulge.

Here are my top 3 for this week:

When I thought of the inadequacies of language emojis had not crossed my mind at all. I love using emojis because I find that it helps me express myself a bit better, as well as set the tone for certain things I write, but I had never made the connection with how it aids in the absence of body language. Liz dives in some interesting research and has made me feel less bad about using emojis in my texts.

Sweet writes about her punishment for breaking a rule and reflects that by receiving a physical one she is able to forgive herself after, like the physicality of it is visible proof, which words can’t always accomplish because sometimes they can’t be fully trusted. I find I relate a lot to that, but hadn’t thought of it like this before.

Brigit instantly made me think with the line, “we can only think thoughts for which we have words.” In my writing I find that sometimes I picture exactly what I want to portray but can’t find the words. And so, like she points out, we can use other words that come close and combine them to describe that what we’re after.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where an opportunity ended up being taken away for a bad reason. Or any reason at all? You found yourself in front of closed doors. How did you handle this? Share your experience, or use the prompt ‘closed doors’ to write a sexy story.

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

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