Prompt #424: The inadequacies of language

It’s always a joy to be in contact with thebarefootsub, whether it’s having a chat with her or reading what she shares on her blog. This is already the third time I am welcoming her to the roundup for Wicked Wednesday, and I hope to do it many times more. Previous times she did the roundup for week 340 (read it here) and week 355 (read it here). Besides following her blog, you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 423 by thebarefootsub

It is always a pleasure to be invited to choose my favourite posts, and this week I also got to write the prompt. It was so nice to read all of the posts and see the musings of others around independence, broken up with some delicious smut.

Here are my top 3 for this week:

Brigit writes so candidly about her life and experiences, both on her blog and on twitter. When I read this post I was overjoyed to see the progress she is making in her personal journey, and also reminded of the need to, sometimes, go back to basics. Almost start all over again. “…let’s talk about it tomorrow…maybe tonight we can just make out…when was the last time we just made out…like teenagers?” It is so easy for us, as adults, to put pressure on ourselves to get to the final destination and I certainly put a lot of pressure on myself to do just that. Often enjoying the journey is more important, and the destination is (almost) irrelevant.

I am rather ashamed to say I haven’t read much flash fiction. Or at least, I hadn’t. Independence day has really opened my eyes to the joys of a short burst of erotica and sent me down the rabbit hole that is F Dot Leonora’s blog, indulging in her skills at creating images with minimal words.. “He touched her like she touched ripe fruit. Between her legs heavy and wet, he caressed her until she groaned with her need and ache.” I am excited to read more adventures of her well crafted characters, and also to try to write some of my own flash fiction. Safe to say I am a convert.

For me May’s account of her lockdown experience is the most relatable post within the submissions this week. I think we share the need to be out and under the big skies and both have nomadic souls. Reading about her experience of being stuck in a small flat in the middle of the city I felt her pain and wondered how I would have coped in those circumstances. I have itchy feet as it is, and I am in a semi rural, family home. “As soon as I changed my life to live and work in rural areas I felt free. A sense of largeness, wideness – space – lead me to feel independent and truly confident for the first time in my life.” Finding the space, my own personal wilderness, is one of many steps I took to finding my independence and confidence, and it is lovely to read that it has worked for others too.


“… words are inadequate to divinity, no matter how powerful the intellect that produces them.”
Failing Desire
By Karmen MacKendrick

As bloggers, we use language to express ourselves and share (sometimes very personal) texts. Evidently, we must think written words are valuable and are our chosen medium for communication. But what happens when language is misunderstood? Or what do you do when you want to express something but can’t?

* What does (written) language mean to you and how do you use it?
* Have there been occasions in which language couldn’t do something you expressed justice?
* Are we as bloggers disadvantaged because the tone and body language are missing in our written speech?

~ MLSlavePuppet

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