Prompt #417: Sex and BDSM

This is the first time I welcome PurpleSole to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday, and I am delighted to have him on here. For those who don’t know, together with his wife, they have the website Purple’s Gem, where they blog about their D/s relationship and share lovely images. Go visit their blog, or them on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 416 by PurpleSole

The Grammar of Science by Marie Rebelle
The Queen of Statistics indeed, it was a joy to hear where the love of numbers came from. Taking a task from Marie’s time in the military that was intended to be menial, turning it into sometimes useful. This love of data and spreadsheets has become part of her professional and blogging life and it is that passion that I am such a fan of. 

Should you be wearing a Gasmask? by Francesca Demont
The pictures of Francesca in her gas mask drew me in, how couldn’t they? But add a table of figures and mentions words like P value, that’s the kind of post I enjoy reading. I’ve never really considered using a gas mask much before, but in these current if there is a sexy kick from taking precautions then that’s always a bonus. 

Suppressed Memories by Blue Submission
Some stories need telling, not because they are fun and exciting, but because they are real. I am a big advocate for writing down your feelings to understand previous events, because it is with hindsight that we see things for what they are. I applaud Blue for honesty, that the guilt still shapes her. But I am glad it is a relationship she has escaped.


This week’s prompt is suggested by Liz Blackx:

To some people, these two concepts are indistinguishable and deeply connected, while to others, this may not be the case at all. What do you think? How sexual is BDSM to you? Can things like bondage and pain play be done without any sexual component?

And if you’re not into BDSM, what is your take on this? When you see people engage in pain play, do you imagine there to be a degree of lust involved? Could you conceive this to be the case? Have you ever done a light form of bondage? How did that feel?

~ Liz Blackx

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