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Top 3 for week 412 by Marie Rebelle

I always love the diversity of posts that get linked, especially when the prompt is about something happening in the world. So many countries have imposed a lockdown on their citizens because of COVID-19, and many had to adjust to a total new way of working and being together. Something that makes me really sad – besides the number of people who have passed away because of the virus – are the stories in the media of the increase in child and partner abuse. It’s horrifying to think that because of the lockdown, the safety of partners and children has been compromised. My heart goes out to them.

Choosing my top 3 was influenced by my own feelings, my own thoughts about the current situation the world is in.

Lockdown by Alethea Hunt
Alethea is a brilliant writer, and her words captured my attention and held it from beginning to end. She was prepared for the lockdown long before it was announced, and planned everything for her and her family to some minute details. She has been content, but she also recognizes that something is building, that she is nearing exhaustion and needs a recharge. This is a powerful piece of writing, and I hope Alethea finds the space to be set free before she crashes and burns.

Human Contact: Too much and too little by A Mental Switch
What I found really interesting about this piece, is what A Mental Switch wrote about human contact, about having too little outside of his home situation, and too much inside. He missed the human contact his wife couldn’t give him, and missed his quiet time. What this post proved to me once more is that no two relationships are the same, and that communication is always key.

Lessons Learned in Lockdown by MrsK
When I started reading MrsK’s post it was like I saw my own thoughts echoed, and then some more. Yes, how spoiled are we as humans that our biggest worry is that we can’t leave our homes. Like she rightfully said, this thing is so much bigger us, and just like it has changed her, I feel the change in myself too. I want to highlight this piece from MrsK’s post, as I read it several times, letting its truth sink in:
“Future generations will look back at this time the way we look at World War II and the Great Depression. It will be as sobering to them as it is to us, but they will not truly understand the fear, the chaos, the tragedy that we all create in our minds. Just as we don’t truly know the times before us. But they will know we persevered.”


A cougar is a big, beautiful cat out in nature, but of course, this prompt is not about that kind of cougar (unless of course you want to write about it). No, this post is about those older women with younger lovers, the women informally called cougars. Do you know a cougar, or maybe you are a cougar? Come share your sex(y) stories.

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  1. Dammit, I didn’t notice the prompt. I have a cougar story, I was 18 I don’t know how old she was 30s I think, first woman to make me come. I’m going to write the story for you, Marie.

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