For the third time I welcome Bibulous One to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday, as he has also done the roundups for week 270 (read it here) and week 352 (read it here). He doesn’t write as much as he did before, but that shouldn’t stop you from going to his blog, and read all he has written about his experiences in both dominant and submissive roles. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 407 by Bibulous One

Perseverance feels like a good theme for these difficult times! I slightly feel a fraud, reviewing all the wonderful writing on show here as I have hardly written anything myself for months. Anyway here a few of the many posts that I enjoyed among the 27 that were submitted.

Latex by Lascivious Lucy
It’s sometimes fun to read about a fetish or kink that you havent experienced or perhaps even considered, especially if the writing leaves you understanding why the particular kink is hot for some people, or perhaps even leaves you wanting to experience it. This piece from Lascivious Lucy certainly helped me understand latex as a fetish. I have had sessions with a dominatrix wearing latex but only once or twice. Lucy’s piece is set in a sex party and things rapidly escalate!

Beautiful War by Life of a Kinky Wife
Next up is short piece from in which she tussles with what her Ds relationship means to her. “The frustration builds, and the energy of my submission is muted under the tumultuous emotions that go unchecked without his calming corporeal presence.” These are complex and difficult emotions she is writing about and yet she communicates them with commendable clarity and brevity. An excellent piece.

Being a submissive wife and why it takes perseverance by Submissy
My final pick, from, follows a similar line, explaining the perseverance needed to maintain a dominant submissive dynamic in a full time relationship. Submissy explains how the dynamic between her and her dominant partner has evolved. “We wanted to meet each other’s needs and keep ourselves and our relationships at the centre point of the other things that revolved around us.” I enjoyed reading how her and her partner have worked through the challenges that have arrived in their relationship.

So there you have it: one piece on fetish and two on relationships. Not sure whether that says anything about what is in my mind today or not. Stay safe in these difficult times.


Hugging… the act of putting your arms around another, whether it’s standing in front of them and hugging them around the shoulders or waist, or whether you stand next to them and put your arm around their shoulders. Hugging is a way to express love and friendship, but also a way to sympathize with someone, to support them in a difficult time. Come share your thoughts and stories about hugging.

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