For the second time I welcome Lascivious Lucy to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday. She also did it for week 301 (read it here) and I was delighted when she agreed to do it again. You can follow Lucy on her blog, or on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 402 by Lascivious Lucy

Wanted: An Erotic Threesome by Dr. J. Author
I love a good threesome story, and I love it, even more, when it’s a love story. This is a splendidly written entry in a longer series (but it works alone). The build-up of tension, followed by sexy eavesdropping is hot the whole way through (even if a lot of the action is “off scene.”

A wicked fantasy by Isabelle Lauren
“A Wicked Fantasy” by Isabelle Lauren explores a kink I don’t see in fiction very often. This short piece sets up the fantasy and opportunity to achieve it quickly and gets into the exploration. I love getting to see inside a character’s head, especially when the character is preoccupied with thinking about their desires. I loved seeing the nervousness and fumbling with clothes followed by a very sexy encounter.

Reunion by E.T. Costello
I’m not sure what I found hotter about E.T. Costello’s “Reunion” the sex or the writing. First, this is a sexy story. A hot day, a cold bottle of gin, and old friends reconnecting made for a wicked little tale. It incorporates a couple of my favorite kinks including some temperature play. Second, I’m a linguaphile and the lush language pressed all of my buttons. I could see everything, without feeling bogged down into too much – and the narrator’s voice was delightfully honest.


Now I don’t think I need to say anything about fishnets to get you inspired, right? Share stories or images, and make us drooooooooool!

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