Prompt #401: I am because we are

I couldn’t believe my eyes this weeks as one link after the other was added to Wicked Wednesday. I believe I even said to Molly beforehand that I wouldn’t reach 50 links. Why did I say that? Because I have tried for 50 links so many times before, and the highest we came was 44. But, I was wrong. So very wrong. ALL OF YOU – this WONDERFUL community – have humbled me. I really didn’t think there would be 50 links, and once we reached it, I was so incredibly happy, sitting here staring at the screen, allowing the number to seep into every pore of my body. Imagine my reaction when I woke up the next morning, and there were more than 70 links. In total 78 of you have linked your posts, and I am forever grateful for each and everyone who have linked. THANK YOU!

I know more people wanted to link, but due to circumstances they couldn’t. Even only the fact that you wanted to link, makes me happy too.
And (said tongue-in-cheek), I promise I will not start hinting at 100 links now!

Okay, now… since week #400 was such a HUGE one, I have asked Submissy not to choose only 3 posts, but to choose 5. And once again, because it’s a celebratory week, I decided to add another 5 to hers, so this week we highlight TEN posts that was linked last week.

Speaking of Submissy… this is the second time I am welcoming her to the Wicked Wednesday roundup. Previously she did the roundup for week 356 (read it here) and I am thankful for the huge task she has done to read the massive number of posts, and do her write up. You can find Submissy on her blog, or follow her on Twitter. And, you can hear her speak at Eroticon this year!

Top 3 for week 400 by Submissy

When Marie asked me to select the top 5 for Wicked Wednesday again, I was really happy to do so. After some discussion about dates she asked if I wanted to do her special 400th one. I know that she had been hoping to get to 50 entries but WOW, 78! What a week. This is all tribute to her, of course, and, like many of you who posted, I would like to add my own congratulations and thanks to her, not just an amazing achievement but for all that she does for this community. It felt like an impossible task to highlight just five posts from this number of entries so, although not necessary to stick to the prompt, I selected five pieces which did use it.

Missy’s top 5:

Apartment No 400 by Focused and Filthy
I am a fan of erotic humiliation and so I really enjoyed this story. Missy led us along with her and I could feel the thrill as well as the fear as she carried out each instruction. I especially liked the fact that (I am pretty sure) the images used were of her so it gave it an extra edge while I read her words and zoomed in to see more and imagine how she really felt as she posed there.

400 Words… by The Other Livvy
I really loved this short piece which was cleverly written in 400 words only. I enjoyed the way that Livvy revealed the story and she captured perfectly the way that an object can draw us back so easily into the memories of something really intense. Although a short story, it felt like an occurrence which could so easily have happened.

The Secrets of 400 East Duffy Street by Bluesubmission
The description in Blue’s story was brilliant and conveyed not only the heat and intensity of the day, but also that of the main character. Her confusion, her fear, and her thrill all comes across and the reader is carried along with her, experiencing and empathising with her conflict, as she follows the instructions she is sent.

Enema Addict by Tabitha Rayne
This was a post that give me a little twinge when I saw the title as it is a topic that sort of scares and fascinates me at the same time. Tabitha’s tale of an erotic enema certainly did more than create a twinge. Not only did I love the sense of adventure and abandon that her main character had, but she also produced a really hot account of something that would be quite taboo for many.

400 Bad Request by Jupiter’s Lair
I also loved the character in Jupiter’s story. She was so confident, so seductive and so playful. She was also very assertive and came across as being easily in control. I smiled at the ending and really liked the way that she watched his reaction afterwards. Not only was the characterisation great, it was also a very sexy little encounter.

Rebel’s top 5

On Having Fucked a Lot of People by Kristan X
There are people who would look upon us and call us out as sluts because we have slept with many people, but like Kristan X I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to sleep with many, and it definitely doesn’t make sex less special.

The Film Buffs by Cousin Pons
There is something about CP’s writing that always transports me to a different world, and once I start reading his words, I look for the different twist and turns and layers he has in his writing. This story ended with so much promise of what is to come (pun intended).

There are always signs by Stella Kiink
I have had my share of bad relationships, and once they were over, I looked back on them and saw the signs that it wasn’t right for me, which is why I recognized much of myself in Stella’s post.

My First Caning Session by MLSlavePuppet
I am a sucker for marks, and for reading about an intense caning (I haven’t been brave enough to take one yet) which is why I thoroughly enjoyed ML’s post on her first caning session. Not only for the images she shared, but also for the words.

A System of Tokens by My Naughty Ideas
From the beginning of this story I was intrigued. A annual review of one’s marriage? This sounds like an interesting idea, and even more so when there are these kind of tokens to be ‘earned’. The things you can ask for…


An anthropologist proposed a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the kids that who ever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they had run like that as one could have had all the fruits for himself they said: “UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?”
~ Give me tap

This is an African philosophy, but think about the people around you, who helps you to be the better version of yourself, only because they are in your life? Who strengthens you, motivates you, supports you, knows you like no one else?

As always you are welcome to link stories that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Dr. J. Author.

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  1. Fun to be a part of WW history last week! I agree, Pons story was just amazing.
    Sorry I am late, I’m not getting the WW email reminder for submissions I used to get and totally forgot about it. I do get all of your other posts. Am I wrong, or is there not one sent?

    1. Nothing has changed on this side regarding sending mails, as that is an automated service. Have you checked your spam mail? I know that happens with the Elust mails, and sometimes also with Wicked Wednesday comment mails… they go to my spam folder.

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