I could hardly believe it was more than two years since last I welcomed Victoria Blisse to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday. The last time she did it was for week 269 (read it here) and now she is back to share her top 3 for last week’s prompt. Victoria is a busy person as she’s not only a mother and wife, but also an award winning erotica author and she promotes smut and kink on the SmutMarkets she puts on, as well as any other place she can. You can read about Victoria’s real life experiences on her blog, and find some of her erotic stories there too, but you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 392 by Victoria Blisse

Apologies, people, I’m very connected to this theme as I apologize a lot. I sometimes feel it’s a good thing. If I can make a situation better by saying sorry, I will but sometimes I know I’m saying sorry when really I shouldn’t. It’s complex and I saw that complexity in the Wicked Wednesday writings this week. I’ve picked out the ones that spoke most deeply to me in the end, but it was definitely difficult to pick just 3!

What Are You Sorry For? by Tabitha Rayne
Tabitha is an amazing writer and that was displayed in this amazing short story. I was immediately drawn in, the characters became real to me within a few sentences and wowzers, it was HOT! It is an empowering, positive and super sexy piece of fiction.

Being Unapologetically Me (Most of the time) by Floss Liddell
Floss’s writing really spoke to me. I love the depth and honesty in it and the way she examines her own traits of apologising made me think about mine. It gave me a lot of food for thought.

Apologize to Me by Deviant Succubus
This piece of writing is disturbing, raw and personal. It broke my heart a little to read it and that is why it gets a mention. It is so hard to write something so personal and put it out there. It’s especially hard to demand an apology. I mean, we Brits apologise loads but we never demand one back, it is seen as rude. But it isn’t. Sometimes you have every right to demand an apology and this writing strongly shows that.


The advent of something means that it’s finally here, that it has finally arrived. However, when the word is capitalized, it has a religious meaning, like with Christmas. Mostly, when we see the word ‘advent’ we think of the weeks before Christmas. Is there something, other than Christmas, that you are waiting for? Or write about how you prepare for Christmas, how you spend the weeks of Advent, the four weeks before Christmas?

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