I don’t think Kayla needs any introduction, because I mean, who doesn’t know Kayla. She is such a pillar in this community with all the projects she run, such as The Smutlancer and Loving BDSM, but also writing for her own blog. If you haven’t been following her, then it’s time you do, because Kayla has so much to teach us, and she is just a wonderful person. You can tell I am having a bit of a fan girl moment, right? Kayla did the roundup three times before, for week 265 (read it here), week 315 (read it here) and week 333 (read it here). Oh, and on top of all this, you can also follow Kayla on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 391 by Kayla Lords

I got a good chuckle when I saw that the topic for Wicked Wednesday this week is multitasking. Like so many others, I live my life doing a lot of things all at once — sometimes too many things. As someone who’s had to choose favorites before, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, so I narrowed down my criteria to my favorite posts using the prompt — the ones that spoke to my multitasking, over-scheduled heart. And I should have known even that would be difficult. Just know that I loved everything I read this week, whether you used the prompt or not.

Plan your multitasking… by Marie Rebelle
This entire post sounds like me — especially when I let myself get distracted. Sure, I can watch TV while holding a conversation and writing a blog post. But I won’t retain any information, and I’ll sit at my laptop for much longer than I need to be. While I don’t use a planner (because I’m notoriously bad at using them after the first month or so), I definitely recognize the importance of finding a system that works, and I think Marie’s on the right track. And reading her post gave me a bit of a boost to get myself back on track and stop trying to do so many damn things all at once.

I am a Squishy Multitasking Octopus by Deviant Succubus
Not gonna lie, the title got me. Paired with the image, I had a good chuckle. While I didn’t completely relate to thriving on multitasking (it tends to feed my anxiety, in fact), I could absolutely relate to Deviant’s description of a hypomanic episode. I have also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and when I experience mania, all cylinders are firing. I really can do multiple things at once, make ALL the plans, and get it all done with a smile on my face. Unfortunately (for me) it’s not sustainable once I come back down to earth. But it was so nice to see that someone else can relate.

Multitasking as a Kink? Leave it to me by Steeled Snake
I love this as a submissive who knows that some of the best scenes I have are when John Brownstone goes all in on this kind of multitasking. He’s figured out that if he keeps me guessing/confused and in a bit of sensory overload, my brain will finally shut down a little and I can ride the waves of kinky fuckery and pleasure. Reading this gave me a new perspective and understanding for some of what John Brownstone does for me!

And if I can be indulged to include an honorable mention because there was one other post that really spoke to me this week: My Chaotic Life by J. Lynn. Probably like a lot of people reading this post, I was blown away by the sheer amount of stuff that she gets done in a day and week. But what impressed me most was her ability to both set boundaries to stop and rest and also to maximize her time. I’m forever wishing I could get a little bit done in the cracks and crevices of my day, but invariably, I find myself scrolling mindlessly through something on my phone — and then have to work later than I’d like or move something to another day’s to-do list which often cuts into my own planned time to rest.


Apologies… it’s not always easy to apologize, to find the right words to make the other person know you are really sorry. Sometimes it’s not easy to accept apologies either, especially when you’re still emotional about what happened to make the apologies necessary. Share your stories about apologies, your advice, your experiences.

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