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It’s wonderful to have The Other Livvy back for the top 3 this week. Twice before she also took care of it, for week 277 (read it here) and week 320 (read it here), and now The Other Livvy is back again to share her three choices for last week’s Wicked Wednesday. Livvy shares her own words on her blog, and also posts sexy images of herself. You can also follow her on Twitter.
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Top 3 for week 387 by The Other Livvy

I was so happy when Marie asked me to judge a Wicked Wednesday round up as this meme always produces such a wide variety of posts and stories, and this week was no exception! I also rarely have time to read everything that has been linked so I really valued the chance to take the time to properly read everything submitted. Well done – it was a tough choice!

Always in Character, Exposing 40
I absolutely love E40’s writing and her clearheaded approach to different and difficult topics. I agree with her main point that there’s no such thing as being ‘out of character’ and these behaviours are often just character traits that we don’t like but, more importantly, her conclusions are wise and kind to herself and show an enviable level of self-awareness. I hope that I can learn from her in accepting and evolving those character traits I perhaps don’t like in myself.

Showing Stigma the Finger, Submissy
I have only recently discovered the #ShowStigmaTheFinger campaign launched by Hot Octopuss and I think it’s such a great idea! As Submissy’s post and accompanying photo explain, she has found sex and kink very empowering and freeing but has struggled with shame and stigma for being a sexual person at her age. She claims that showing someone the finger is not in character for her but I think it suits her – being so passionate about something that you feel strongly about is certainly inspiring!

Snapshot, Violet Fawkes
I love love loved this piece of fiction from Violet. She writes so well about the emotion of break up – sadness, numbness and rage. I also love an erotic story that involves photography as I definitely understand how hot it is to pose for photos and how powerful the results can be. Excellent story!


Have you ever just sat on a bench somewhere in the city, and observed the people around you? Tried to imagine what their lives look like? Seen people talking and wondered what their story are? Do you ever just have a moment where you observe people? Why do you do it? Do you use it in stories, or is it just something you do? Come share some of your observations with us.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Posy Churchgate.

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