Cara is a lovely and talented woman, and I am delighted to welcome her back for the third time doing the roundup for Wicked Wednesday. She also did it for week 283 (read it here) and week 323 (read it here). By now you must be reading her words on her blog or following her on Twitter, but if you’re not, please do so!

Top 3 for week 383 by Cara Thereon

None of these are ranked. They are just some stories that tickled a bit of something in me.

A Surprising Kink by Annabel surprised me a bit too. I’ve never exactly been a sun worshiper, but there something about the simplicity of it, fucking and lounging in the sunlight, that made me want to crawl into the light.

Electric Avenue by sub-Bee again had me circling back around to both my fear of and desire to try electristim. I like the sharp edge of playing with certain things, how it can go from pleasure to pain from one breath to the next. It’s scary and arousing, and Bee’s post (and that gif!) made me think about how appealing that could be

I think my sex is broken by Kisungura really tugged at me. The loss of D/s for whatever reason is a blow because it becomes who you are a guides what you do. Her revealing that part of her, and the ache that’s left behind, was brave beyond belief.


Do you own a camera? Or do you only take pictures using your phone? How important is your camera to you? Do you take pictures only for yourself, or to share with others? What kind of pictures do you take? Share all about your camera and its significance to you…

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Molly Moore.

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5 thoughts on “Prompt #384: Camera

  1. Cara is always fun to read… and see. Love the camera image, Marie, I tried to see Cara in the frames and my imagination, and memory, let me. My entry this week will be camera images seen & taken.

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