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It’s wonderful to welcome Floss back for the top 3! It’s the third time she does this roundup, as she has also done weeks 326 (read it here) and 346 (read it here) and she’s doing such a good job of it. By the way, did you know that Floss now co-hosts a weekly meme with May More? Hop over to Food for Thought, and join in there too. You can even combine your memes, so whatever you write for their meme, can be linked to Wicked Wednesday too! Floss is a busy blogger, and you should also follow her on Twitter!

Top 3 for week 381 by Floss

It is always an absolute treat to do the round for Wicked Wednesday. I was fascinated by the directions in which folks took the prompt, but I must admit I’ve chosen three posts that weren’t (as far as I can tell) inspired by the prompt. But I chose them all because it took more than just writing, to create them; courage, digging deep and talking about things others may not understand all play their parts in these posts and that is why I love them.

Ruby Ring-piece by PurpleSole
I’ve known lots of people who have discussed what it means to them to be a little, but I’ve known far fewer who been happy or able to coherently explain what it means to be a Daddy Dom or caregiver to some who identifies that way. Even less often will you find some sharing such a genuine, loving and honest account of sexual intimacy within those dynamics. PurpleSole and LittleGem did just that and I personally think it was beautiful.

Taking Back My Sex by May More
Not everyone wants to read about sexual abuse, probably even less so when that happened to a minor. The truth is though it happens and it happens to people we love and admire. When May tackled these tough subject she manages to do so in a way that helps you understand the impact it can have while also showing you what exists beyond that. May also manages to shine with positivity even when tackling the tough subject and I can’t help but be in awe of that.

Bittersweet Symphony by Molly Moore
I think the cruellest thing you can do to yourself is to deny yourself the chance to live your life authentically. Molly is sharing a huge part of her journey with us at the moment and some people will judge her decisions because not everyone is onboard with or accepting of non-monogamy yet. I am cheering her on though because I know how hard it is to stand up and say ‘I have to be me, I have to do this’ because sometimes we will suffocate if we don’t and that is no way to live.


Some of us love piercings, some of us don’t. Some of us have piercings, and others really want them but are still finding the courage to get pierced. Come share your views on piercings, or images of your piercings, or your dreams, fears, or realities about piercings.

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4 thoughts on “Prompt #382: Piercings

  1. This was a very welcome surprise. I always try and tread carefully when delving into difficult issues but also to show that people are strong and there can be a positive outcome even if your past is tainted with difficult issues – I want others to be filled with hope if they ever have to tackle any of the problems I discuss.

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