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I love that I can welcome back Honey for the roundup again, for the third time since I have engaged others for this fun task. Honey has done the roundups for week 266 (read it here) and for week 351 (read it here). Honey might think it’s a coincidence that she did the roundup for the prompt ‘skin’, but it’s something I chose deliberately. You can follow Honey either on her blog or on Twitter.

Remember, you can also contact me if you want to do the roundup. Volunteers welcome!

Top 3 for week 379 by Honey

It’s my lucky week again. I was able to choose the round up images for Sinful Sunday last week, and today, I’m choosing the Wicked Wednesday round up. It’s the perfect opportunity to really take time and think about every post.

I grinned when I saw the prompt was skin. I have a real craving and need for skin on skin contact. People who have been naked with me, know how much I like to touch and connect through touch.

As always, my choices were made difficult by having so many varied posts to choose from. After much deliberation, I’ve settled on these three because of the way they made me respond.

My first choice is Within my Second Skin by submissy. I read this several times, letting the words fall into my mind while they found their place. I find them powerful and the way they resonate with me.

My next choice surprised me. I am such a massive fan of this superstars images and adventures and yet, this post is different from her normal ones. Her passion and desire shines through and I felt empowered in reading Completely Naked by Modesty Ablaze.

My final choice is one that made me grin with joy and squirm with lust. This woman is so damn hot and I am so glad that she is letting us share her adventures. You have to read Painful and Pleasurable Release by Victoria Blisse. Reading it give me such cravings and such happiness for her. It’s beautiful to be able to share in such an exquisite connection.

Thank you, as always, to Marie for giving me the chance to curate the round up. It’s been a wonderful way to spend a few hours.


Red is the color of danger… of caution… red is also the color of passion… of love. A red car seems to make you drive faster, and wearing red can make you feel more confident. What does red mean to you?

As always you can also link posts that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Sub Bee.

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