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It is a delight to welcome the talented JL Peridot to the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday. You can read her words on her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 377 by JL Peridot

“Authentic” was a prompt close to my heart. There was a time in my life when everyone I knew wanted me to be somebody else for them, and breaking free was hard. Finding your truth and expressing it is hard. You end up hurting people, but then, maybe those people had no business demanding you be anyone other than who you are.

Every submission was unique and interesting, and in so many different ways. But these three stood out for me, as they resonated with what’s been on my mind lately about how we can come to speak our truths quietly and clearly.

How I Like to Be Complimented on My Blog by MxNillin
With sincerity and assertiveness, Nillin’s post embodies confidence and pragmatism. I found it a lead-by-example demonstration of how we can accept we’re worthy of compliments (something so many of us still struggle with), how we can communicate our individual definitions of respect, and how we can take responsibility for offering clarity and direction to those who invest in communicating with us.

Deliciously Ruined by Lascivious Lucy
A hot threesome flashfic. Very well written and got me thinking about, among other things, how vulnerable we can be during sex with a partner. And how even more vulnerable we must be with two. “She was, by the rules of her own society, irrevocably ruined.” — the standout line for me, holding up a mirror to the sacrifices we sometimes make to find our authentic selves.

Authentic Make-believe by Francesca Demont
Francesca’s warm tone of voice kept me hanging on every word. I feel like I learned something about a person and a culture here, and I look forward to reading more of her reflections on her life in New York.



… you can work to strengthen your core, those muscles in your midsection, but there are also other words that pair with core. For instance… what are your core strengths, or what core values do you like in another person? Then there’s core expertise, core identity, core business, core temperature… and much more. Share your thoughts or write a story following the prompt.

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