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It’s wonderful to welcome the talented Nikki to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday. Have you ever seen her sexy images? They really are wow! Go look for them on her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 375 by Nikki

I found it quite appropriate that this week’s prompt was Retreat, as I took a bit of a day off yesterday for some self-care. I spent some time with a new toy I am reviewing, watched some Golden Girls because I needed something light and full of people who care about each other, and walked to the beach with my teenager to get some photos and just step away from everything for an hour.

Part of that self-care was indulging in the rest of the Wicked Wednesday submissions, so it was delightful to spend the entire day turned on. This week’s entries were powerful and deep. With a prompt like Retreat, we really got a peek into some intimate, vulnerable parts of people and I always find that incredible.

Twisting by Cara Thereon
Cara’s Twisting was stunning. Both the photo and the words had me squirming in my seat as I had to read through it again, and then again. And then maybe again this morning. The whole thing is stripped down lust and love but one specific line shot right to my cunt, every time “I want to cum from the brunt of his aggression and cum again because he’s not done with me yet.” Ungf.

Slow Ride by Ria Restrepo
Ria always gets me with her dirty dialog and Slow Ride is no exception. This story ticked a lot of boxes for me – exhibitionism, voyeurism, and oh my goodness the delicious filthy talking. I was riveted to find out how it ended and how far they were going to go with Lori!

Breadcrumbs by Kisungura
Kis’s piece, Breadcrumbs hit me so very close to home. She touches on such a raw, unbridled struggle that I can relate to all too well right now. Losing touch with yourself and your dynamic. As usual, Kis weaves a beautiful, intimate tale that wraps around you, and keeps you immersed until the very end. I am humbled by her ability to give us such an intense glimpse into her soul. And I found it inspiring. We should all be baking our own bread in case we need to find our way.


Luck… when you go to a casino, you need luck to win. When you play a game of dice, you need luck to win. But, we sometimes also need luck in life to achieve the things we want. Yes, we also need skills, and knowledge and endurance, but sometimes a tiny bit of luck can go a long way to make our dreams come true. Tell us about your lucky moments, about that one time in a casino you won some money, or the time you landed your dream job. Or, write a story about luck.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Melody.

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