Prompt #374: Complication

This week I am delighted to welcome HisLordship to the roundup for last week’s Wicked Wednesday. I had the privilege to meet him at Eroticon, and even had a short conversation, and of course I am looking forward to seeing him and his lovely wife, Submissy, again next year. You can read his words on his blog, and follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 373 by His Lordship

Aghhh! That came around too fast to be a judge for Wicked Wednesday. Obviously, my choices for my three post are entirely subjective and in no way devalue the work others have put in. In fact, the two of the three I chose on Wednesday changed when I read them again on Thursday. What a difference a sunny day and two glasses of wine makes! The topic of ‘ Another Song’ is great as I am personally connected to numerous songs in our relationship and have been inspired to write just from the feelings they produce. And so, without further a-do, ( a drum roll if you please) my three WW picks under the title of ‘Another Song’ are;

Eating Souls and Getting Fucked by FlossDoesLife
I’m a voyeur at heart and Floss’s insight into her kink pressed a few buttons of mine. Obviously being gorgeous and very talented helped my decision in picking Floss for one of my three this week. Owning her desire to be a kick-ass Domme was great to read, not only watch was being said, but more the feeling behind that. Quite powerful! I have to admit that having met Floss and listened to her podcast I would not have said she was overtly Domme, and that makes her more intriguing! Great post Floss.

Mr. Brightside by Submissy
Okay, I admit that there is a personal interest in missy’s post in terms of it being non-fiction and well written; you can’t keep a good post down! The song alone is just brilliantly performed and gets people up on the floor, however, the personal message I take from this is much stronger. Missy captures so well the drawn-out process of someone trying to win her affections and her repeated warning that it was not ‘only a kiss, only a kiss.’ The torment of not being able to access the desire being sought comes through so well.

One More Light by PurpleSole
Mental illness really has held the spotlight as far as awareness is concerned for a couple of years now. In fact, as far as trends go this surpasses most others that do the rounds. I am far from belittling mental health as I too have my own challenges and support any drive to make these conversations normal. I am not a fan of Linkin Park, to be honest I have never gone out of my way to listen to them. However, having read PurpleSoul’s post and then played the video, I found it quite moving. This post highlights the focus of mental illness, being a dominant and the community as whole in supporting those in dark places. Very well presented I thought.


A complication is something that makes a situation difficult. Sometimes relationships can be complicated, which can make for difficult times. Some couples work through the complications and come out stronger on the other side. Others try and try and try and then realize that there is nothing to fight for anymore (I speak from personal experience).

Are you in a complicated relationship, or have you been in one? Share your thoughts and advice, and as always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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