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It’s wonderful to invite Ina Morata to the Wicked Wednesday roundup for the first time. In her own words, this is Ina: Writer of erotica and other work of love, lust and matters of the heart. Exploring emotional, psychological and physical boundaries, and erotic fantasy.
Ina is also one of the writers in the Smut Marathon, and of course you can read her work on her blog, and follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 369 by Ina Morata

When I agreed to take on the task of picking the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday, I had no idea what the topic for this week’s posts would be, nor did I fully realise just how incredibly difficult this job would be. The theme of ‘survive’ has inspired some amazing posts, some erotic, some personal and candid, and some incredibly emotive. There were so many stories that were excellent and I feel mean only having to choose three. I will say that I’m an emotional reader, and this has had an impact on my choice. So… my top three for this week are:

1. A Near Miss by Jupiter Grant
This is one of the most emotive and heart-wrenching pieces of writing I have come across in a long time. Jupiter talks of serious illness, loss and mental trauma with such honesty and openness that I was completely blown away. It’s rare that someone can discuss such devastating events in their life with such a combination of emotional gravitas and articulation, and this is what impressed me so much about this work. It’s not only a recount, it’s a discussion and an educational piece all rolled into one. Remarkable and impressive as a piece of writing; devastatingly authentic and revealing. I am honoured to have read this.

2. Darling Near Miss N by May More
May’s post was close to grabbing the top spot. It is a truly emotive recount of a vehicular accident which affected, and continues to affect, May and her family. As a mother, and someone who has been in a car accident in which a close member of my family was seriously hurt, and left me with psychological damage, I found this post really relatable, and May portrays the emotions of the aftermath of the accident incredibly well, which is hardly surprising. It is a great piece of evocative writing on memory, emotion and physical and psychological trauma, and a testament to a mother’s love for her child. Fate involved in the survival on this day? Who knows? But thank goodness for it.

3. I Fall in Love just a Lil ol’ Little Bit by E.L. Byrne
I absolutely love this piece about love and desire and what it can mean to fall in love, even if only in the moment. Its inbuilt contradictions and oppositions over what societal norms instil in us compared with the way we can think about love if we allow ourselves is so beautifully candid. Such positivity is given to the temporal nature of love (and lust). It is lovely to read a piece on falling in love which advocates living in the moment, rather than assuming that happy-ever-after is the only sought-after state in which we can find happiness in love. We can all learn a lot from this post.

Thank you so much to Marie for inviting me to judge Wicked Wednesday. I really hope you have been entertained, enthralled, touched emotionally and had your thoughts provoked as much as I have. Thank you to everyone whose work has made my week of reading such a wonderful experience.


Have you ever been betrayed? Was it by a friend, or a family member? How did you continue the relationship with them. On the other hand, have you ever betrayed someone? What happened then? How was it handled afterwards?

Come share your stories, whether fact or fiction, about betrayal.

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