This is the first time I welcome E.T. Costello to the round up for one of the prompts and it is a delight to have him here. He is a wonderful writer that has a way of crafting stories that will keep your attention from beginning to end. You can read those stories on his blog and follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 368 by E.T. Costello

Well this week’s prompt certainly brought about some introspection and analysis.

Not cutesy or endearing by Molly Moore
I was particularly struck by the cringeing/frustrated/downright furious response to the song itself.Best of these was Molly’s. With a sustained attack on the patriarchal ideals that underpin the song she draws in recent outrages and shows very clearly that the poison of misogyny and the power of the idea of property still hold sway over far too many who aren’t privileged to be white males.

Masculinity: What It Means To Be A Guy by Purplesole
Many writers used the prompt to explore ideas of manliness and masculinity.
The best manly piece, what it means to be a guy, by purplesole really resonated with me with his exploration of a masculinity that is deeply personal and rooted in his direct family. He rather neatly encompassed feelings I have been mulling over for some time.

Bonding over heels by Nikki
Finally, there was a small but frothy group of sexsmiths. My favourite among these was Nikki’s Bonding Over Heels. I loved how meta it was, how lush Nikki’s image(s) always are and, folks, there’s the added benefit of a link to that maven of sapphic delight, Sorcha Rowan.
So there you go. Four for the price of three!


Survive… this word will make the adventurous types think about survival trips somewhere in the wilderness, but many others will think about difficult times they have survived as life happened to and around them. What does the word ‘survive’ make you think of? Share your sexy stories, or the not-so-sexy ones.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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