An image of Silverdom's hand on Silverdrop's neck.We are both physically disabled, Silverdrop and I. She is a wheelchair user.

We were both relatively fit and healthy when we met, some 20 years ago. Back then, we were 24/7 BDSM. We knew she is submissive, but quickly found out she is also a masochist. We used to joke about how she had a leather butt. It didn’t matter how hard I spanked, whipped, caned, or flogged her, because her lovely arse would look like nothing had happened an hour later.

As we became disabled with degenerative conditions, what we were able to do changed greatly. The activity that we miss the most is that Silverdrop is now only able to take the lightest of impact play, and sting only. I have her permission to find another outlet for my sadistic energy, and I love her for that. I should probably start investigating that soon.

Reader, before you decide I am rambling, I shall endeavour to come to the point.

As more and more physical activities have become unavailable to us, we have found ourselves adding more rituals to help preserve our dynamic.

Here are some of them:

  • We eat at the dining table. I require Silverdrop to display herself to me at the end of the meal. I will say “Tits out.” and often stand next to her and pinch her nipples. Then, depending on what she’s wearing, I say “Cunt.”, and I’ll cup her vulva in my hand and say “Nice cunt.” These are ways of reclaiming ownership of her body.

  • On non carer visit days, we have ‘showtime’ when Silverdrop dresses. I will make appropriate comments about her body while this happens.

  • On nights where we have the emotional and physical energy – because it takes both – I symbolically re-collar her (my hand around her throat while she holds my cock), and thank her for being my slave girl. This is one of the times Silverdrop will say “Master.” Sir works most comfortably for us usually.

  • We use the phrases “Yes, Sir.” and “Good girl.” more often than ever.

  • I usually prepare for bed first. When I return to the bedroom from the bathroom, I am naked. I will remind Silverdrop that there’s a naked cock in the room and she will have a grope. This results in me calling her “Slut.” and “Good girl.” – the two are not mutually exclusive.

  • After I shower, Silverdrop is required to give me a blow job. This is often short and symbolic of our dynamic, rather than to orgasm. If she isn’t feeling strong enough to suck me, she’ll give me a wank. If she’s really not feeling up to it, she waves and blows a kiss at my cock… Reader, did you just giggle?

This has become an unexpectedly personal piece of writing. Silverdrop read and approved it before submission to Wicked Wednesday.


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11 thoughts on “Rituals

  1. Thank you for sharing this personal account of your rituals. It shows that whatever your personal circumstances there are still ways of practicing your dynamic.

  2. What a wonderful post for you to share with us. I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into your rituals and I love that they are accessible for all, so anyone worrying they can’t do certain things, for whatever reasons, will hopefully be inspired to find their rituals in other ways x

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your rituals and such personal insights into your relationship and dynamics. I could sense the love and respect you have for each other. No D/s relationship is the same, and while circumstances and possibilities can change, the sentiments and needs for a certain kind of connection, can remain steady!

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