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Tiggs is not a newcomer to the roundup for Wicked Wednesday. She might not be a blogger, but she reads a lot of sex blogs and follow a lot of sex bloggers, and is very supportive of the community. She has also done the roundup for week 267 (read it here). Go follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 359 by Tiggs

It’s a pleasure to read through the #WickedWednesday posts. As always, they provide so much to think about. I think the prompt was really challenging, and I admire the creativity and thoughtfulness among those who attempted it. The ghost stories, the mirror stories, and double dildo stories are all much appreciated.

1) Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun by Violet Fawkes
This made me super uncomfortable and yet totally drawn in. It also reminded me of a bbc radio 3 podcast called “love thy synth”. The two pieces really resonated with my wider ponderings about selfies, exhibitionism and narcissism. (FYI not so much kinky life and sex positive selfies but the ones done in Auschwitz or in holy sites, or in front of pieces of art, as if the beauty and horror can be undone or improved by us inserting our presence… ). From Violet, I loved hearing/seeing this all from the narcissists view, so very believable and scarily so very relatable. The twist at the end too… go! go read! coz I won’t tell you.

2) His Turn by Ria Restrepo
The two way mirror and interrogation room is a standard bdsm/kink trope. The power dynamics are already set up for us by the roles and setting. It makes for easy and perhaps even lazy, leisurely, reading (wink wink). Instead Ria plays around with that standard formula by giving power and agency back to our detainee (in a fun and provocative way). The reader must pay more attention as the bookseller seeks more attention from her panopticon jailer and from herself. I half expected the unexpected at the end (not the cop she thought it was) but I’m pleased Ria took the story in the direction she did and kept the power and focus with her book seller.

3) Lucky Me by Alethea Hunt
This is not following the prompt but there was something about the focus on touch and skin of this piece that really made me think about the power of our senses. I rely so much on sight and sound to process my world and my kinks. Althea’s piece – all about texture, touching, skin, feeling – made me really rethink the power and pleasure of #LingerieIsForEveryone. It’s not just how we look, or how we feel because of how we look, but how *it* feels…. plus the extra wickedness of concealing our delights from the outside, this is our double world.

Thank you all for writing and prompting.


The image above was a tweet of mine, to which Molly replied: this feels like an opening to a story.
That is exactly what I want you to do: use my words as the first words of your story, and let’s see where your words lead to…

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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