This is the second time we welcome Dr. J. Author to the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday. She has also done the top 3 for week 297 (read it here) and it’s great to have her back. You can read her stories on her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 353 by Doctor J. Author

Greetings, all. Thank you, Marie, for inviting me to read and choose the week #353 Top Three for Wicked Wednesday. When people ask me how I got started, I tell them about how kind Marie was to let me guest blog before I set up my website. This work attracts a diverse group of writers, and I am happy to be a part of this tribe and give back to it. I chose to stay with this week’s theme of parallel, so my selections are specific for that.

A Triad of Parallel Men by C.P. McClennan
I loved the way CP McClennan used the prompt in this story. “Maggie grinned and considered how few women ever woke between parallel men.” Snow. Parallel men. Whimsey. I’m in. It was a thrill to see how the extra “parallel action” at the end started another scene.

None but herself can be her parallel by A Leap of Faith/thebarefootsub
“Looking down she trailed her fingers along the parallel lines of her suspender straps.” The photograph that A Leap Of Faith paired with her imagery had me revisiting her words over and over. While I have always found garters erotic, pairing them with life was enticing. The title, “None but Herself can be her Parallel,” pulls it all together.

Parallel by F Dot Leonora
In Eliza’s hell, F Dot Leonora gave us a moment. “He pulled her close with one arm, and she pressed her pelvis to him to anchor her connection to him.” Leonora is the queen of serials and when her last line is about Jeanne’s “own parallel hell” I’m hooked


The prompt simply is…


Tell us your scariest, sexiest or most boring dreams, whether they happen at night or during the day.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Violet Fawkes.

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