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Prompt #350: Erotic Photo

We are welcoming Hannah to the roundup for Wicked Wednesday for the second time. She also did the roundup for week 314 (read it here) and while she doesn’t have her blog anymore, you can still follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 349 by Hannah

It has been my great pleasure to read the collection of Wicked Wednesday offerings for this week. Social Media is how I became a part of this community, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have made some great friends who have produced words and pictures over the years which have made me rethink my own ideas, marvel at their creativity and made me quite hot under the collar. I was very excited to see what this prompt would inspire in people.

Checking in to Social Media – Masters Pleasing Bitch
This week Julie explored the representation of herself across different social media platforms, and spoke about how her recent diagnosis with breast cancer made her more aware of what she decided to share and to which audiences. I enjoyed hearing about the Facebook support groups, and how they had helped when it was needed.

It made me think about what I choose to share and don’t, inside and outside of this community. What does my anonymity make easier but also what can make it more frustrating?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, and I’m sending positive thoughts and good wishes your way.

The Balance of Power – Molly’s Daily Kiss
Social media is a great place to learn. I first found out that D/s dynamics turn me on through (looking back, rather misguided) Tumblr accounts. I hadn’t yet discovered the genuine content. A lot of people base their understanding on (dare I mention) a rather popular series of books.

Molly’s accounts of the dynamic she is a part of is always real, honest and through her writing I have learned a lot about how 24/7 D/s dynamics can work in reality.

This piece was powerful. Molly’s account of inequality negotiated from equality, trust and respect addressed the preconception that such a dynamic is rooted in an imbalance of power, and that a submissive has no power. ‘He has the power, but that does not make me powerless’ is the line which stuck with me.

Thank you Molly for another little window into your world.

The Week in Review – Longitude and Lustitude
Talking of windows into worlds, I loved this little piece. Although understated, and on the surface just a simple Monday to Friday in somebody’s life, it reminded me of my travels, and making new connections. I adored the moments where little details were noticed in the relationships, and I was transported back to happy memories and anticipation for the chance to see someone more than usual in my week.

The piece made me feel grounded. Baths, dinner with friends, annoyance at partners arriving at 4am but also happy inside for the chance to snuggle, drunk tweets and photos, I could relate to so much of it.

Thank you for letting me have a week in your shoes, and live vicariously through your small adventures that form part of your big adventure!


This week we are returning to Exhibit A’s deck of cards, Pillow Talk, and since it’s February and February Photofest is running, this question is very appropriate:

If I was taking an erotic photograph of you, I would ask you to…

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Chris McClennan.

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