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Prompt #349: Social Media Inspiration

Let’s welcome Exhibit A back for the roundup of last week’s celibacy prompt, which was also a suggestion by him. This is the third time EA is doing the roundup, as he has also done it for week 284 (read it here) and week 332 (read it here). You can follow him on his blog or on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 348 by Exhibit A

Wow, 30 posts in response to this week’s prompt, and so many of them are just really damn good. I especially admire the bloggers who wrote so openly about difficult experiences with celibacy in their own lives, and those who managed to weave it into filthy and creative pieces of fiction. Good job everyone!

I had a shortlist of 8 posts after my first read-through, and whittling it down from there wasn’t easy. However, I do finally have a top 3…

Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, by Scandarella
This is an extraordinary piece of writing: emotionally honest, reflective, and self-aware. It shows that even the strongest relationships have to endure trial by fire (maybe that’s part of what *makes* them so strong), and lays bare exactly what she and her husband had to go through to come out the other side intact. Really great stuff.

A Light That Was Never There, by BlueSubmission
Between this and ‘I Am Your Servant’ by Cara Thereon, I thought there were two particularly good pieces of celibacy-themed fiction this week. I could have picked either for the round-up, but gave this one the edge because it feels like a slightly more rounded piece. It also has a real sense of place – I could put myself in the prisoner’s shoes and imagine how I might feel in his situation. An accomplished piece of erotica, which uses the prompt perfectly.

The Long Shadow, by Exposing40
It’s largely my fault that E40 felt obliged to write something for this week’s prompt, so the least I can do is include her in the round-up! For that reason, I’m relieved that this is such a good post – I’m satisfied that I’m picking it entirely on merit, rather than out of misplaced guilt! With her customary wit, warmth, and vulnerability, E40 shows how easy it is to fall into celibacy almost without realising it, and how hard it can be to pull ourselves out again.


The prompt for this week is a suggestion by Molly Moore:

Go to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the first thing you see as a your prompt.

Please do remember to check with people if you intend to post their content and also credit other people for their stuff.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Hannah.

Have you seen the future prompts in the sidebar? You can use these to plan your future posts.

Please note

  1. The rules for this meme can be found here and you can download the Wicked Wednesday badge on the same page.
  2. Don’t forget to add the Wicked Wednesday button to your post, post on your blog and come back here to link your post. You have from the moment the prompt appears until Thursday 10.00 pm (Amsterdam time) to link your post below.
  3. Please note that it is not compulsory to follow the weekly prompt. It is only here for inspiration when you need it!
  4. Please make your stories no longer than 1500 words.

Thank you for participating and please, don’t forget to visit and read the other entries too! We all love to receive comments on our entries. Spread the love!

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4 thoughts on “Prompt #349: Social Media Inspiration

  1. I see you’ve upped the word count from 1200 to 1500.


    Just out of curiosity (and I’ll not be offended if you choose not to answer): What was your reasoning behind the change?

    1. I once put the word limit in there because it’s really a lot to read when all players post pieces of 2000+ words. Not only for me, but also for those who do the top 3 every week. But it seemed that 1200 was just a bit too little hence going to 1500 words.

      1. I always thought that was a high word count. Based on being so appreciative people taking time to read others blogs and even more overwhelming that comments are left to encourage.
        My current (unposted) blogs were, for the first time ever, both in excess of 1200 words.
        It’s good to know for the future.
        Outstanding commitment to your # sites.
        Thankyou for kindly allowing my posts
        & support/feedback
        Swirly ? xx

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