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Prompt #346: Technical Sex

I keep record of everything I do on my blogs and I was shocked – yes, really shocked – when I realized that this is the first time ever that Jade is doing the roundup for Wicked Wednesday. I can’t believe I have never asked her before to do it. But, here she is, a long time blogger, who I got to know when she still blogged on Kinky & Poly and who I have followed to her current site, Pieces of Jade. She writes about several aspects of her life, and I am sure you will find her blog as interesting as I do. You can also follow Jade on Twitter.

Top 3 by Jade

Wow. When I wrote the prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, I never expected so many poignant, intimate, thought-provoking posts on the topic. And I had to narrow them down to my favorite three! As I said in my own Before & After post, there was an amazing variety of ways this prompt was taken. It was hard to choose just three. But, that said, in no particular order, here are the three I found most compelling, all for vastly different reasons.

A Necessary Cushion? by Midnight at the Oasis
I admit to a personal affinity to her blog, as she deals with many of the same issues that I do: sexuality as an “older” woman, death & its consequences to those left behind, “becoming” who we are, at any age, and making very specific choices about how we live and what we want. I love this post because drove me to delve deeper into her blog, it drove a desire to learn more about her. It gave me a glimpse into a life that I do not know, but that, in its themes, feels familiar, and that I wanted to explore. Sometimes my favorite posts are those that “take me down the rabbit hole,” exploring further and deeper into a new blog; a life unknown to me. This post was one of those.

The Chair Scene by Kinkstriped
I have found many of this blogger’s writings very erotic since I discovered their blog some time ago (possibly through WW), but this piece came alive for me in a way that I can only describe as explosive. I could have written this, it hits so many, many of my hot buttons. How does she know me so well?? It’s more than just hot though, it’s tight and well-written, prose that I can admire as a writer as much as a smut-loving kinkster looking for wank material.

Then and Now by Master’s Pleasing Bitch
There were so many inspiring posts about the events and changes that made up people’s lives. We all have them, and many of these posts summed up the major ones. This particular post talked about a major, traumatic, event that had happened recently – a diagnosis of breast cancer – and how she is dealing with the aftermath of treatment, a mastectomy. This is a beautiful, poignant post. She doesn’t want pity, and that is not what I feel after reading it: I feel admiration. It can’t be an easy topic to talk about, but she does, with a forthrightness that I admire and applaud. Life and sex and love and sexiness go on, and this post is proof of that.


Some weeks ago I posted a question from a deck of cards Exhibit A has acquired, called Pillow Talk. This week there’s another question from those cards:

What technical aspect of sex do you find tricky?

I really look forward to your posts, for the interpretation of this question, as well as your answers to it.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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