Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.

Kilted Wookie has done the roundup for last week’s prompt, and like many others he is no stranger to this task. In the past he has also done the roundup for week 306 (read it here), and I am sure we will see him back for the roundup more. While I have your attention, let me point you to one of the memes KW runs: Food for Thought Friday. Not only is this a great meme for some introspect, but also to keep you writing when you are suffering from (a bit of) writer’s block.
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Top 3

My top 3 for this week are:

Fairy Tale of New York – Haiku (@19syllables)
There is something wonderfully nostalgic about this story. It’s a reminder of younger, more carefree days of that period in our lives just after we first leave home and finding how everything is familiar yet subtly different when we return. My first Christmas at home, after I’d left to go to university, wasn’t exactly like this (it’s far too bloody cold in the far north of Scotland for those kinds of outdoor shenanigans), but it did still manage to resonate.

Red Blooded Woman – Molly Moore (@mollysdailykiss)
It’s a bit of a familiar trope, whether it be a pick-up in a bar, or a couple acting out what appear to be a casual hit-on. I’ve acted this one out myself in the past, but that doesn’t prevent this from being a very hot scene. Whatever the actual relationship between the protagonists is, they both know whey they are there, the woman clearly knows what she wants and is and the scene is set. Just as in real life when you watch a couple leave together, what happens next is in the mind of the reader.

Closer – Brigit Delaney (@BrigitWrites)
In a way this naughty interlude is a combination of what I liked about the other two.  It’s not just the way the words of the song match Amanda’s mood and actions, but the way in which she uses these to surprise her man and arouse him, letting him know what she wants. Again there is, for me anyway, a sense of nostalgia for a similar kind of play and the fact that as a reader, I am left to fill in the blanks of what comes next.


How frequently do you hear people around you say: Time flies or Time has passed so quickly. It seems the older we get, the quicker time seems to go, even though a minute is still a minute and an hour still an hour. I’ve heard the theory that we feel like time flies, especially when you experience something you have many times before. But is it that?

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind…

Write a story about time… capture time… hold it, experience it, taste it. Share your stories or experiences for this week’s prompt. As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by May More.

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