It’s always with fondness that I think back on the times I have spent with F Dot Leonora back in Bristol during the Eroticon weekends. There was the evening we met for the very first time and the weekend when she celebrated her birthday. Thinking of those two moments always put a smile on my face. Leonora has done the roundup for Wicked Wednesday on one previous occasion for week 271 (which you can read here) and now she is back with her top 3 choices. You can read Leonora’s stories on her blog, or follow her on Twitter. And don’t forget that you can also participate in her weekly meme, Friday Flash!

Top 3 by F Dot Leonora

Scent has always been a big thing for me, it stirs memories. There are people that I just know their scent without memorizing them. My mother used to spritz me with perfume when I was in elementary school—now I will not leave the house without perfume.

I was really excited to see how scent would translate this week for Wicked Wednesday—there were so many greats posts, and it was hard to pick favorites! Here are the ones I picked.

Inhale by Kisungura
My goodness this was hot! I loved the sense of longing and nostalgia — it was palpable.

The Past Smells Of Men by May More
I can only imagine how hot this Nate was! I love unexpected and irresistible attraction, no matter the circumstances.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Teachers Have Sex
I know it is controversial, but I personally love the scent of cigarettes too. What scents turn us on are individual and private.


One of the meanings of this word is ‘the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events’. In the BDSM world control is a word that is used a lot, like in the context of a dominant person controlling his submissive, or a submissive handing control to the dominant. These are only two ways of looking at it, but there’s a lot more.

Of course control is not limited to the BDSM world. Think of people who are afraid of losing control of a situation, who will do anything to be in control. It can cause stress, and even depression.

I will leave it to you to share your stories about control, and as always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Exposing40.

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