It’s wonderful to welcome Mrs Fever, Feve, back to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday. The first time she did it was for week 259. Feve is not on social media, but you can read her words on her blog. She has a really unique style of writing!

Top 3 by Mrs Fever

There was a broad spectrum of Wicked Wednesday offerings this week: honesty, introspection, kink, humor, romance… I enjoyed reading them all.

These three (in no particular order) were “champs” to me:

Spellbound by Molly Moore
Molly had me wondering how I was going to be able to like these characters at first, especially with what appeared to be a lack of consent about halfway through. But then I read on and went, “…OH. Of course!” This was a sexy story with a cheeky ending that left me grinning.

Liminal State by Zoë
Zoë captures the time-out-of-time, waiting-to-reconnect, in-between state of jetlagged heart space so perfectly. Vulnerability, un-surety, exhaustion… All those things compound when traveling to visit a long-distance lover, and the space -geographical and emotional – between the airport and “home” is beautifully described in this piece.

Self champion?… by Kisungura
This is an honest, reflective piece about the un-truths we tell ourselves, and the motivations behind what appears to be self-care but what may not actually be. It’s important to be honest in relationships, and perhaps especially in the relationship we have with our selves. So many of us who take care of others have difficulty taking care of ourselves. It is a skill that is worth honing, and Kisungura commits, in this post, to doing so.


Pause… no, not the pause on a video you are watching or music you are listening too, but the pause we need in life. Do you sometimes press pause to stop and just be? To really get in touch with yourself? To really feel, see, hear, think, taste?
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