I really hope Modesty will be at Eroticon 2019 as it’s high time she and I catch up with each other!
Modesty has also done the top 3 for week 278, and now she’s back again. You can follow her on her blog (where she posts the most amazing images) or on Twitter.

Top 3 by Modesty Ablaze

Normally choosing just three posts from any week’s Wicked Wednesday, would be a difficult task. But this week, three particular posts simply chose themselves, immediately touching me with their Inspiration, Celebration and Emotion.

Inspiration in – Love is a Lifestyle by Victoria Blisse
In fact, not just Inspiration, but Motivation, Celebration and Emotion as well. Victoria’s fabulous post is not just a celebration of the “Lifestyle” prompt . . . it is a celebration of what Life itself should always be about. I urge you . . . command you . . . to read her words and not be moved, inspired and motivated. Her final paragraph says it all so beautifully. Just a fabulous post from a fabulous person.

Celebration in – My (Secret) Blogging Lifestyle – Posy Churchgate
Such a wonderful celebration of life from a lady who is clearly enjoying, as she says “this exciting new layer of my life”. So much of what Posy mentions, resonates with me, (as I’m sure it will with many), and had me nodding and exclaiming “yes” in agreement with every paragraph.

Emotion in – Not Going Great – Pain as Pleasure
Words, and the message and feeling that they carry, have always been important to me. And every one of Bibulous One’s posts immediately draw me in with the power of his descriptive narrative. And this post seems even more emotive and intense . . . perhaps because the relief, and release, that he talks of is so personal. Pain as pleasure indeed!


So many times we say… someday I will do it. But, when is someday? When will you actually follow your dreams? What dreams do you want to follow? What do YOU want to do… someday?

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Sammi.

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