I have met so many people at Eroticon, but sadly I have forgotten some of the names and I cannot remember whether I have met Confess Hannah or not. Sorry, Hannah. But, I want to change this next year, if Hannah is there. I want to make sure I meet her and have a conversation with her. That’s the only way to get to know people. In the meantime, I am following her blog and Twitter, and you should too!

Top 3 by Confess Hannah

This prompt being quite literally monotone in definition, unsurprisingly brought so much variety to the table. Both fiction and non-fiction, taboo, fantasy and some profound thoughts on how the world is not simply black and white, and things aren’t binary by nature graced my screen this week, making for a rather pleasant experience, yet difficult final choice. Thank you to all of the authors who submitted as part of the meme this week, you gave me a lot to enjoy!

Black and Silent – Brigit Delaney
Although last on this list this week, it was by no means least: this one did some very funny things to me! It is hardly surprising, featuring rough oral sex, punishment, hitting, wrist restraints and blindfolds (oh and flannel shirts of course!) it appealed to almost everything I am enthusiastic about. The suggestion of the bright colours she sees during the period of sensory deprivation reminded me of some delicious periods in subspace.

Man in Black – Marie Rebelle
There is something awfully predictable about my ‘thing’ for corporate office buildings, with empty rooms, stairwells, anonymity and dominant, sharply dressed men- of which Marie’s story captured. The line ‘Don’t get my pants dirty’, delivered in the middle of going down on someone, was enough to make me melt. And the ending, deliciously confident, is how smooth I really wish I could play things!

Lessons Learnt – Hannah Lockhardt
Hannah does it again (again). She is able to take something which I am not sure I have a thing about, in this case school uniform and corporal punishment, and leave me a slightly ragged mess. Hannah’s story featured exhibitionism, reward and punishment, but above all intimacy between the two characters. I must try and look out my Head Girl badge…


A trademark is a recognizable sign or mark to identify products by. Do you have a trademark? What is it? What do you want your trademark to convey to others? Or are you struggling to decide on a trademark or know what yours is? Come share your experiences and knowledge for this week’s prompt. As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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