He’s looking at the door jamb as he goes through to make sure he doesn’t bump his head. He didn’t have much room on either side for his shoulders either.

This was a large man. His skin shined with that glow of the extreme athlete. He was fit and incredibly healthy. I knew if I got the chance to rub my hand up and down his abs and chest it would be a bumpy ride. Not much fat on this gorgeous man. I dared not look at his groin. I know I would just make a fool of myself. He had a special energy and a special smell. I can’t describe the smell, but it was affecting me. I hate that.

He walked the walk of the well-endowed. That confident walk that says I am prepared for you. I am equipped. He had a special twinkle in his blue eyes. That dark curly hair falling in his face was barely combed. His wonderfully chiseled features couldn’t have been improved upon.

He was barefoot coming straight from his stretching routine. He reached his hand out to me and I just stared at it. It was a perfect hand. Connected to a perfect wrist. And all of that was connected to the sexiest forearms ever made.

Just the right amount of manly hair. Not a fuzzy bear, but very masculine. “Shelly, wake up.” Kathy said. I looked at her and then realized I was supposed to do something, what was it? I was mesmerized by this man. This incredible specimen. I couldn’t breathe. I was going to pass out soon.

I gathered all the emotional strength I could and said: “Hello, I’m Shelly. So nice to meet you.” But when I gave him my hand to shake I melted into the carpet. I woke looking directly at his groin. He had bent down to see if I was ok. He had a wet rag in his hand wiping me. My face I think. God look at that bulge. It’s magnificent. I reached for it. God Shelly pull your arm back you idiot.

It looks like he might be slightly aroused. I can see the outline of the head. Oh my Shelly, get a hold of yourself. It’s just a man for god’s sake. You know- the people who always let you down. Just because he smells good doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the assholes you usually fall for.

I regained some sense of being; alive and in control, but my friend Kathy was grinning from ear to ear. I will make her pay for this. She could have warned me. She knows my weaknesses. She was barely containing her giggling. He looked confused about her reddening face so I know he wasn’t in on the ruse. It would have changed everything. It would have given me the fire to send him away. Instead he spent the night in my bed.

“I’m not usually such a slut Shelly, but you are something.” He said. I began to speak and then,

Oh, wait, what was his name again? Oh no. I’m such a bitch. How do I get it out of him now? I chose my usual method of leaving him a note and left for work. Hey I made him coffee first. Don’t judge.

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