Indigo Byrd is an intriguing woman, a gently soul, someone who didn’t have the easiest of lives and who is discovering more and more about herself and the things she loves. She’s an artist and it was a natural consequence for her to run a totally new meme called ArtTwist, something I still want to participate in. On her blog, Indie writes honestly about past experiences, but also about things she experiences in the present. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 by Indigo Byrd

This was a tough assignment there were some fabulous entries, and I learned a lot from doing this task. Two of my selections broke me open in ways I hadn’t anticipated, and while neither of them relate to the prompt, I couldn’t not choose them for the profound effect they had on me psychologically. That left me with a couple of others I had initially earmarked and I found it very hard to choose one from the remainder, so I’m doing two honourable mentions as well – only one of which comes close to the prompt I’m afraid…

My choices in this instance were:

The Cone of Shame is Fun With Friends – Floss
One of the things I love about sex blogging is the way we all share aspects of our selves that would never get an airing in polite society. The sexy things, the shaming things, the fears, the secrets. This is yet another one of those blog posts that makes me think about issues I haven’t thought about in any depth before – but in a safe way. In exploring her own desires and sharing them, Floss has also enabled me to broaden my experiences as well.

Pedicure – Alethea Hunt
Every now and then I read something that touches me very deeply and challenges my thinking in ways I’ve not been challenged before. Althea’s post did exactly that. The idea of rendering service (ostensibly in the form of a foot pedicure – but so much more than that) to a loved friend who is very very unwell just broke me apart. I finally saw how submission could be if you loved someone so much. Althea I do hope from the bottom of my heart that your friend pulls through ok, and I hope that you continue to take comfort from the loving service you rendered.

Reader Inspired – Elliott Henry
Elliot has presented us with a complex and sexy image of the interaction between his deliciously filthy mind, his cock and the screen shot of a short story by Cimmerian Sentiment -which was a response by a written and video’d prompt by Elliot from last August … I loved the complexity of the prompt/story/image tale and of the image itself! Two for the price of one thanks Elliot! (and Cimmerian Sentiment)

Honorable mentions: Molly’s Daily Kiss – On the Right FootLascivious Lucy – The Drive Home



1 a : the act or process of finding a person guilty of a crime especially in a court of law
2 a : a strong persuasion or belief
2 b : the state of being convinced
3 a : the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of a truth
3 b : the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth

Write a sexy story about a conviction or being convicted and come share it for the prompt. As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt! The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Violet of Fire & Honey.

Please note

  1. The rules for this meme can be found here and you can download the Wicked Wednesday badge on the same page.
  2. Don’t forget to add the Wicked Wednesday button to your post, post on your blog and come back here to link your post. You have from the moment the prompt appears until Thursday morning roundabout 9.00 am (Western European time) to link your post below.
  3. Please note that it is not compulsory to follow the weekly prompt. It is only here for inspiration when you need it!
  4. Please make your stories no longer than 1200 words.

Thank you for participating and please, don’t forget to visit and read the other entries too! We all love to receive comments on our entries. Spread the love!

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