Prompt #307: Million Dollars

I have started following Kilted Wookie some years ago, and also follow his other account, The Zen Nudist. His images always make me smile and want to see more, and his thoughtful writing is great to read. You can follow him on the accounts he has mentioned below.

Top 3 by Kilted Wookie

So, how hard can it be? That’s what I asked myself when I was asked if I would do this round up. I’ve done #SinfulSunday round-ups and I’ve been an e[lust] judge in the past. It surely can’t be that hard, can it? I was, of course wrong; very wrong. 24 posts relating to travel and journeys, be they geographical, emotional or spiritual; and I had to choose just three. It was a tough task, but here is my pick of #WickedWednesday Week 306.

Submissy – Travels with You
This was simply a beautiful piece of writing. It is essentially poetry expressing the physical, emotional, spiritual journeys that couples go on through time, facing things together. Without ever straying into the obviously erotic, it is so wonderfully sensual. I just sat in silence staring at the screen in silence and appreciation when I finished reading it.

Temperature’s Rising – Journey
More poetry detailing the couple’s journeys through life. The irregular form and structure, to me, emphasised the uncertain and sometime rocky paths we follow during our lives. As the journey progresses, you get to experience the highs and lows, the good times and those not so good. Life is an adventure and this couple are rising to its challenges.

Collared Mom – Poly Problems #36: The Countdown
Even if you aren’t poly, if you’ve ever been in any form of long distance relationship, been apart from your significant other for an extended period, or simply travelled a significant distance to hook-up with someone, you will have almost certainly experienced some of the anguish filled anticipation that Rye articulates in this post. She captures that frustrating juxtaposition of excrement and nervousness, exhilaration and trepidation that bubbles inside until it is allowed to be released when you are finally together so well.

Finally, congratulations to everyone who contributed this week. The standard of writing and expression was, as always incredibly high; and while this didn’t lessen the angst and agony of picking three entries, I did get a lot of enjoyment out of reading them.

Kilted Wookie
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What would YOU do with a million dollars? Buy a palace, invest everything, keep on working, travel the world, give it to family? Come share your sexy posts, whether you follow the link or not.

The top 3 for this week will be done by Rabbit In Chains.

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2 thoughts on “Prompt #307: Million Dollars

  1. Thank you so much to Kikted Wookie for including my piece is his top three. This is the first time I have taken part in Wicked Wednesday and what a welcome that was! I really enjoyed writing this piece and the prompt pushed me to try something different which I was unsure about but am more really glad about, so thank you to Marie for providing this opportunity. I loved reading all of the pieces which were so varied and will definitely take part again. Now, if only I had a million dollars ……… missy x

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