When I asked Elliott Henry to do the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday, he jumped at the opportunity. You should make time to look at his blog too, as he posts some sexy images there!

Top 3 by Elliott Henry

I enjoyed my turn picking favorites for #302: Games. Wicked Wednesday is always fun to read due to the different types of stories. It was so hard not to choose #1, but I overcame that temptation and here are my three faves:

I was immediately drawn into Edging – What A Game by Cammies on the Floor, as this is a favorite practice of mine. I enjoyed reading M’s take on the subject and loved that she interspersed memoirs from earlier posts (with links attached), some causing restraint while reading. The very last example from Lists will Save Me brought back an intense memory of such a session I had once with a much more experienced lover than I.

SweeteN Dirty’s The Nervous Game definitely had me on edge, and my professional demeanor immediately went by the wayside, as I read this naughty writer’s smutty game. I’m not familiar with Ms SweetN Dirty, but this story was one of those kind that starts playing in your mind like a movie and brought back memories of playing a touching game like that once with a group of friends. By the third reading I was convinced this was one of my faves. I think I would like to play The Nervous Game again.

Games after the coffee – Part Two continues May More’s heart breaking story, at least my heart was aching after reading Part One, of betrayal last week. I was curious to know what happened, and as I read her diary in this week’s story I felt the voyeur and began to read faster and faster to see what happened between her and Seb. I see the game played in her entry on 2nd Jan in the last paragraph. Now I’m looking forward to Part Three.

Everyone going have fun at Eroticon this weekend, can’t wait to hear the stories and see the photos. You will all be taking photos, right?


Sadness, just like happiness and love and other emotions, is something everyone of us have experienced in our lives. We all handle sadness differently. Some of us are very open about it, others always have a smile on their faces while inside their hearts are breaking. Share your sadness with us, whether current or in the past. How did/does your sadness influence your sex life, if at all?

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Ella Scandal.

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