I have been reading the blog of Lascivious Lucy for some months now, ever since she started participating in this meme, and she crafts the most delicious tales. Go explore her blog and you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 by Lascivious Lucy

I knew choosing the top three would be a challenge for me. Every week there are so many amazing writers who contribute their work. I’m also beyond flattered that Marie asked me to choose the top three. I am impressed by the myriad ways that all the writes explored coffee as an element in their work.

1. I admit that I love Cara Thereon’s “His Gypsy” series, and this installment is another sexy chapter. Aside from this being a hot story, the character interactions add so much to the story. I found myself nodding at this line, “One other man had spanked her in the past. The way it had made her feel, slippery and floaty, had scared the shit out of her.” For me this was such a realistic thought. I wasn’t sure how she was going to work in the theme, but it was unexpected and added another level to Fredrick and Marie’s kinks.

2. Jo, at Teachers Have Sex, submitted “Washing Station,” which is a travelogue about coffee country that was not only beautiful but also sexy. I love language – and Jo’s descriptions of the coffee beans and coffee processing are sexy and suggestive in delightful ways; for example, “Watching your nimble fingers wheeling the berry until its seed poked out its shoulder, glistening and coy, I ripened. “ These glorious descriptions segued seamlessly into descriptions of his body in a way that made me feel the heat of that hike.

3. “Coffee, Extra Cream” by Violet of Fire and Honey is the coffee shop date I want. The passionate meeting between a Dom and her sub that culminates in semi-public play (and I loved the phone detail!). And the language is stunning; “Out in the cafe, she nestled into the corner of the sofa, her cup perched on the arm, her legs tucked up under her. It was a dim corner and her phone glowed on her face, lip pinioned between her teeth as she watched him, safely knowing that no passers by could see her screen.“ Even without any explicit mention of the sexy parts, this like is incredibly sexy. The interaction between them is both hot and romantic. The final paragraph is a glorious presentation of their emotional connection juxtaposed with hot kink.


Games… there are so many different kinds of games: board games, computer games, games on your tablet or mobile phone or silly games outside during a picnic or family day. But, there are also many kinds of sexy games and sometimes you can turn a board game into something sexy too. Write a story – whether fact or fiction – or post an image using the prompt, or choose to link a post without the prompt. All submissions are welcome, whether you follow the prompt or not!

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Elliott Henry.

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