We met C.P. McClennan and his beautiful wife in Bristol in 2014, at Eroticon (Are you going this year? You should!). He is this kind, soft-spoken man and a brilliant writer. I am definitely a fan, especially of his Savannah series, but also of his writing filled with humor. I cannot remember the number of times I have read his stories and sat here laughing out loud! He is slowly getting back to writing again and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of him. You can find C.P. on his blog and on Twitter.

Top 3 by C.P. McClennan

Well hi there. Marie asked me to do the roundup for this week’s Wicked Wednesday for the prompt of Suitcase.

I said I’d be happy to present my top twenty alphabetically. She said it should only be three and not be alphabetical. As any good negotiator would, I lowered my number to seventeen and suggested semi-alphabetically. She hit me with those gorgeous smoldering eyes and I simply surrendered.

So here’s three, and not alphabetical:

Malflic – The Suitcase Tells All – To actually tell a story from the perspective of the suitcase…well, it brought a tear to my eye after laughing at the concept (and wishing I’d thought of it). Between Mexican Toy Standoffs and playing accomplice to it’s owner, I don’t know how anyone trusts that case.

Lurvspanking – Not All Baggage is Bad – Being Canadian, this one first caught my eye with the mix of French and English and made me feel bad for not knowing any French. The nuance of hurt versus harm, however, pulled me back and kept me reading for the gorgeous images I found. Now I want to an antique shop on the Left Bank!

Pixie Heart – It Could Only Happen to Me! – Serious post, pshaw! (is that a word?) Knowing how often I’ve tried writing serious posts and having it derailed by my own giggles, I understand this completely. I mean, what other posts could possibly offer a bomb squad reference?


There is something fascinating about chemistry, about mixing different substances to get a reaction or to tell us what the substance consists of. However, chemistry can also happen between two people and sometimes something nice comes from that. Allow the chemistry to happen in your stories!

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Girl on the Net.

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