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Prompt #291: Promote a blog

This week the top 3 is done by Mischa Eliot, who you can find on her blog or on Twitter. She’s a writer of smutty words and have started writing so long ago that she cannot even remember when that was! Go read her blog, but before you do, see which posts she has chosen as her top 3.

Top 3 by Mischa Eliot

When Marie asked me to do the Wicked Wednesday Roundup, I (obviously) said yes. In my mind, I was like ‘oh holy hell, what have I done? I’m not a judge.’ And here we are. I feel every story had its merits. I love authors that work hard for the works they put forth into the world, whether fiction, non-fiction, or somewhere in between.

Writers can be a vicious lot or they can be the best people you know. I’m glad to have fallen in with the best people I know. I’m also thrilled to continue expanding my horizons when I read the stories for the prompts that Marie posts. It’s so true, given the same idea, imaginations will always come up with different scenarios.

#3 – Brigit Writes
I chose Brigit Writes because of this paragraph. The entire story grabbed me by the throat. I’m not a runner. I don’t do marathons. Hell, I can’t even run on a treadmill. I’ll run if I have to, but to choose running is a big thing to me. This paragraph made me want to bundle up and go for a run in the dark, despite the chilly weather outside.

The thing is, giving everything I have to a chosen action or task actually feels good. It feels good to surrender, to let go, to explode like a firework across the sky. To lay there, completely spent, knowing that I could have given nothing more to what I wanted most at that moment. That is the definition of catharsis…the great purge of pent up intention.

#2 – F.Leonora
Reading Leonora (sometimes I also call her FDot, I think it depends on who I’m chatting with) is always an experience. No matter what she writes, she always touches me in a way that makes me sigh in a happy way or that makes me drool for the next part.

This hit me in the feels:

In the beginning before she and Rafe opened up their relationship, she thought that she… that it was possible that she could have left Rafe to be with Oscar. Now that was inconsequential, because she can be with him and Rafe and Terrence would just have to deal.

I chose the story based on “Terrence would just have to deal.” I feel that a lot of people don’t get what they want in life but have never been taught to figure out why they wanted it, why they didn’t get it or couldn’t have it, and figure out what to do about it. Instead, they blame others and this makes me wonder who does Terrence blame for Eliza choosing others? Him, herself? The world? If a story makes me ask questions, then I know I want to read more.

#1 – Lascivious Lucy
When I got to the end and found Lucy’s story waiting for me, I licked my lips. From the first line, I knew it was going to cause me to squirm, but this is what really caught me.

He swallowed and took a breath. They’d played together long enough that he knew he had to speak in order for her to continue. “Please, more…” He asked softly, looking back at her.

I love that they’ve been playing long enough that, while they probably don’t have to speak, she requires it anyway. Crystal checks in with her submissive Paul to make sure that, not only he still wants this, but to know exactly what it is that he wants. And isn’t that what we all want? For someone to pause and say ‘What do YOU want? What do YOU need?’

Honorable Mention: Life of Elliott
I read this and giggled quite a bit through it. Just reading through his day made mine better. I feel that way sometimes. You go to do one thing and three others pop up. Or you go to a room to get something and end up forgetting. Elliott, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I end up running late, too and I also live in a small town.


This week I want you to dedicate your posts to promoting another blog or blogs. I know some people have gotten involved with #SoSS already, but for others this is the opportunity to start with it. Or maybe you want to tell is which five blogs are your favorites for this year and why. Come on, let’s spread the love!

The top 3 will be done by me, as I didn’t want to bother anyone with doing the roundup during the festive days.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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