I ‘met’ May More online when she joined in with Wicked Wednesday for the first time and we started following each other on Twitter. Maybe one day I will meet her in person too. You can find her on her blog and on Twitter.

Top 3 by May More

I was very happy when Marie asked me to judge the round-up for Wicked Wednesday. It’s a great Meme. One that often inspires me to write a post I may never have thought of. Each week I tend to read most of the entries whether or not I have input one. It’s great to see how the bloggers interpret the prompt and improve their writing skills (hopefully me too).

Choosing the top three was a difficult task. Indeed, I had to return to it after I had read and then thought about the different entries. I so enjoyed them all with their different merits. Personally, I get a kick from a story that enables me to literally visualise the scene that is being set. To make a connection with it. I have a vivid imagination and like it to be titivated. My top three certainly did that.

Some Motels Have Thin Walls – Cousin Pons
Once I had read this story I kept returning to it in my head. It is amusing, sexy, very descriptive and topped with a lovely little twist at the end. The line – with a cacophony of screaming and shouting that might be more associated with a ritual slaughter from ancient times – is a little jewel. Cousin Pons has a unique style of writing so it is always a refreshing treat to read one of his cleverly worded tales.

Neighbours in the Hay – Aurora Glory
Aurora’s fictional post smells to me as if a certain amount of memory may have inspired it. I have been wondering did it actually happen? For me that just made this already hot story – smoking hot. The scene is set with a trip back to her home village and the boy next door has turned into a sexy dude. As their eyes meet we know what will occur during the evening but are certainly not disappointed in how and where it happens – He grabbed me, raising me up onto the stack of hay as my legs responded, wrapping around his thick thighs – Yeah I could visualise that 😉

Xmas Cake 4 (final) – Midnight at the Oasis
I thought I had a reasonable shortlist to re-read when a few late entries came along. This being one of them. I have to admit I have been a little emotional lately so by the time I reached the second part of this post I was in floods of tears. Indigo writes beautifully and I have followed her tales involving memories of Ryan from the start. This was the final instalment and it packed a punch. As she says – the lines between pleasure and pain are thin – I recommend reading it, which is why its in my top three, but do precede with caution if you are a hormonal wreck like me…


Running a marathon is something you have to train for and which is quite an achievement if you finish it. Some people will never run a marathon, but do other kinds of marathons, such as staying awake, cycling or writing. Maybe there are people who even have sex marathons…

Have you ever participated in any kind of marathon?

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Mischa Eliot.

There’s another marathon you should know about… look here!

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