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At Eroticon 2016 I met this beautiful woman, soft-spoken, fun and with the most beautiful body and silvery hair. We didn’t speak nearly enough, but I am planning to make a change to that, next year at Eroticon. The woman I am talking about is Eye, who you can find on her blog and on Twitter.

Top 3 by Eye

Well, what a treat to be asked to read all these fabulous stories and to comment on those that have particularly, well, shall we say, touched me?

Before reading them I tried to analyse what it was I was looking for, an engaging story, interesting characters, some play with taboo and boundaries perhaps? But ultimately I had to conclude that for me it came down to personal engagement with the topic and resonance. If I can smell the authenticity and your story resonates with me then you have a reader for life.

JUDGE’S DISCLOSURE I am in a long distance relationship with miles and often months between meetings, it is highly possible that those posts that engaged with these themes and the bittersweet moments of meeting might have resonated very much with me. #Just Saying.

Unfortunately I can only choose 3 today; see them below with the phrase that did it for me, be under no illusion though, all the other stories and posts here are all well worth your attention.


eye xx

River by Confess Hannah
Phrase: He’s a twisted fuck sometimes
The regularity of messages are so important when geography divides you. I enjoyed the fact that this post culminates in a meeting, surely the most desirable outcome of a text message?

Geography of an emerging relationship by Indigo
Phrase: Intimacy-awkward on this narrow track
When you long to be with someone so much it can sometimes be surprisingly awkward when you meet. I resonated with the trajectory of this journey which isn’t always plain sailing. Much like real life.

Time & Distance by The Zen Nudist
Phrase: It starts, as it so often does, with an early morning text message
Then, when you meet, sometimes in the most distant places, there is that glorious melding of minds and bodies. And for every twisted fucker there is a twisted fuckee who is enjoying the discomfort and revelling in the jeopardy.


Take one sentence from page 69 of the book you are currently reading and use it to write a story of your own.
Don’t forget to mention the book from which you have taken the sentence!

Of course you can also use part of the image above for your own story.

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  4. Please make your stories no longer than 1200 words.

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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Eye! I really appreciate it and your comment.
    Thanks Rebel for Wicked Wednesday!
    Indie xxx

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