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Written by Secret2all for the prompt ‘Telephone’.

She had been sitting there for at least 20 minutes waiting for the phone to ring. When it suddenly began to ring she spilled her coffee all over her skirt. The heat of the freshly-made coffee made her jump up and scream. She quickly put down the cup and wiped the remainder of her coffee off her skirt. With her voice still a little shaky she answered the phone.

“Hello, Silvia speaking.”
She could hear heavy breathing on the other side of the line.
“Silvia, why did it take so long for you to pick up?”
She heard the supressed anger in his voice.
“I’m sorry Sir. I’ve spilled my coffee all over my skirt. I’ll pick up sooner next time, I promise.”
“I will see if you will keep that promise Silvia.”
His voice was calm and low. It brought goose-bumps to her skin.
“Silvia, did you do what I asked you?”
She nodded and suddenly realised that he could not see her answer.
“Yes Sir, I did Sir!”
“Very good Silvia, I’m happy you did!”
She could almost hear the smile on his face.
“Now pick it out of the box and sit on it!”
“Yes Sir.”
Quickly she took the giant dildo out of the cardboard box and placed it on her wanting wet pussy. Slowly she let it enter her wanting body; her breathing came in short sighs.
“Is it all in Silvia!”
“Al… Almost Sir, just a little more ….Argh!”
“You make me proud baby girl!” His voice sounded excited and she could hear him breathing faster.
Just like her, he was enjoying this game.
“Now turn it on and wait for de Wi-Fi to connect!”

Her hand turned on the red button on the bottom off the dildo and she heard a beep followed by a melody. Than the dildo inside her vibrated a little. Slowly the dildo started to turn and pulse. Her lusting body shivered as the dildo switched to a different program and she moaned as it shifted up a higher level.
“Oooh Sir this is awesome, thank you Sir!”
“There will be plenty time to thank me later Silvia.”
His voice sounded aroused.
The dildo shifted again and her body cramped and shivered as her orgasm slashed thru her and made it impossible to answer him.
“Aaaaaaaaaah, Thank youuuuuuuuuu Sir!” she cried.

He gave her no time to rest and shifted the dildo to a different program. Her body trembled and shook on her way to the next orgasm that would make her scream of pleasure.
This could go on for hours as she earlier experienced and he wouldn’t stop until he wished to.

After her sixth orgasm the dildo stopped vibrating.
“Silvia? are you still with me girl?”
“Yes Sir?”
Her voice was a whisper as she was gasping for air after her last orgasm.
“Good, very good. Now take it out and clean yourself. I know you made a terrible mess on the floor, it better be clean when I come home in a bit!”
“Yes Sir, it will be clean sir. And so will I.”

“Make me proud baby, I’ll be home shortly. See you!”
The click as he hung up the phone sounded like a gunshot and woke her from the trance she was in.
With a big smile she looked around and saw he wet floor and her wet skirt and blouse. She sighed and picked up de dildo, let her tongue lick over the top and kissed it.

Then she got up and started to clean. He would be aroused when he got here so she had to be ready. The night was promising and young.

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5 thoughts on “Afternoon alone?

  1. Maybe that’s the sort of incentive I need to clean and tidy the house!
    Or is that I’m spending so much time on my electronic devices blogging with you lovely folk that somethings got to give and it isn’t the sex!
    Indie xx

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