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Lapsed Catholic Wife unfortunately doesn’t blog anymore, but she is still actively following the erotic blogging community and immediately jumped at the opportunity to do the top 3 when I asked her. You can find her on Twitter.

Top 3 by Lapsed Catholic

When asked by Marie to pick the top three I was both hesitant and delighted. Hesitant because of the skill of the writing, the honesty, the vision of sex, the interpretation of the prompt or not (it doesn’t really matter) makes it so very very difficult to chose a top 3.

Delighted because of the skill of the writing, the honesty, the vision of sex, the laughter and tears some stories provoke, etc.

Car Keys just reminds me of the connotations of swinging parties, along with Pampas Grass in your front garden. I rented a house which I subsequently bought and the front garden had a huge pampas grass and my neighbours hinted at the previous owner fun and games. Sure enough the attic was filled with very old Knave magazines. I read them all, although the porn was slightly weak and the pictures tame. Also in the same attic were some exploding bottles of home brew, the fright the kids and I got when we first heard ricocheting noises coming from the attic is priceless.

This just propelled me back to my own insecurities about sex when younger. I made the mistake of marrying in my teens which meant sexual exploration had to wait until decades later. This is a simply written beautiful piece of writing about finding yourself in a relationship and learning to grow up both in maturity and sexually. We often wonder what it would be like to go back to a person who meant a lot at a stage in our lives, it is never the same as this tale proves. I love the style of narrative nd the clarity of the writing.

I have never been confident about touching a man’s cock in a way to make him cum. And sadly in neither marriage have I achieved this. I agonised over it was too hard, too soft, too wrong, and I confess even after all these years, it has only been in the past year or so I have made a man cum with my hand. My sense of pride felt strangely immense, I felt I had arrived. So this written piece filled me with interest, the confidence Miss Scarlet imparts and the knowledge is perfect. Once again clearly written and has made me want to try different skills.

I so wanted to avoid nominating the organiser of this wonderful meme. But how could I with this bitter sweet very sad tale. I was not expecting the end and I found myself pausing and thinking. The writing was a joy to read and the whole story flowed to the end. The joy of the sexual act lifted and engaged me totally as well as sadness at the end which has lingered, as we ourselves have suffered sudden bereavement (family). My equivalent of car keys is that despite many many changes of mobile phones their number carries forward to each phone.

All the incredible writers for Wicked Wednesday are wonderful, thank you x


What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Does the mirror show you the image others see, or does it lie to you and show you the person you don’t want to be? What is your relationship with mirrors? Love? Hate? Please share…

The top 3 for this week’s Wicked Wednesday will be done by Cousin Pons.

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