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I have been reading Wriggly Kitty’s blog with quite some interest in the past months. I love the honesty in her posts, about her feelings, her fears and her relationship with TSH. Besides her blog, you can also find her on Twitter.

Top 3 by Wriggly Kitty

Celebrity (In Her Own Little World) by Livvy Libertine
As someone who is not an exhibitionist but fantasises about being on display and being used, I found Livvy’s story very steamy and arousing. I love the juxtaposition of the themes used: for example we’re told the character is “Master’s kinky little angel” and the spotlight dims to give her halo, yet the whole scene is full of beautiful debauchery.

Celebrity by Day by Nora (Domestic Discipline & Our Happy Marriage)
The characters in this story could be any one of a number of Hollywood stars and the idea of peeking behind closed doors, into a domestic discipline dynamic, is very hot. I particularly liked the contrast of a strong woman when out in the public eye, yet at home, she’s obedient and submissive.

Wicked Sexy Celebrity by Michael Samadhi
I’m definitely sapiosexual and this post completely appealed to me – the breakdown of what celebrity is or how it’s perceived, and a discussion about what is attractive. It completely aligns with my thoughts, but far more eloquently.


Eye contact with someone you fancy can be like a delicious electric shock running through your body. It can be exciting or comforting, but eye contact can also be uncomfortable or not desired at all. Do you have difficulty making eye contact or are you one of those people who can look people straight in the eye with confidence? How about your main characters in a story – do you let them make eye contact and feel something? Come one, share your sexy stories!

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Sammi.

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