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Prompt #268: Vintage art

A couple of weeks ago, when I did the planning for the top 3 of Wicked Wednesday, I had myself on the list for prompt 267. Then mom told us that she wanted to stop with all treatment. She was done. She wanted rest. I asked Tiggs whether she would be willing to take over ‘my week’ and she did. I am so thankful she did, as mom passed away on 12 July 2017 and other than typing this message and linking post that I have already scheduled weeks ago, I have no time to write or read.

Tiggs is a beautiful, kind and special woman who I am really glad to call my friend. She reads a lot of sex blogs and supports the sex blogging community, but she also occasionally writes, which I think she should do more.

Top 3 by Tiggs

It wasn’t called Willendorf back then by LS
I love the historical reminder and prompt of LurvSpanking. The way power, status, surrender and sex intertwine with our environment.

Wicked Wednesday: Venus In Fur by Sammi
In fun with Sammi’s post, I loved being taken into the picture. I mean I hate fur. Really pathological hate of people wearing it outside of extreme environments. Yet here I can forgive its inclusion for its historical and literal incorporation.

A Post About Sex – on a sex blog!  by Pain as Pleasure
Finally Bibulous’ one brings out the complex emotions from the novel in his post and the delicious and painful nature of his relationships.


Use the image as inspiration for a (sexy) story…

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Rye of Chasing Me, Chasing You.

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4 thoughts on “Prompt #268: Vintage art

  1. I’m sorry, Marie. I know it’s been a long goodbye, but I also know that doesn’t make your loss hurt any less.

    Sending you virtual comfort, in whatever form you need it. <3

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