Another person I really look forward to meeting in real life, is Kayla Lords. That was going to happen at Eroticon this year, but sadly we couldn’t go. Hopefully I will finally be able to spend some time with her next year. I admire Kayla for the honest way in which she writes about her life, her kink, her depression… about everything. Last week she read and tweeted all the Wicked Wednesday entries and compiled her top 3.

Kayla is the hostess of Masturbation Monday and one of the people that make the sex blogging people as unique as it is! You can find Kayla on her blog and on Twitter.

Top 3 by Kayla Lords

I have followed and looked up to Marie since I first began blogging. My own weekly blogging meme is based, in part, on how she organizes Wicked Wednesday. And I’ve been participating in Wicked Wednesday as often as I can since I began blogging. So to be asked to pick the top three for a week is amazing, and (I admit) there was a bit of squealing going on when we talked about this. Hopefully we’ll finally meet in person at Eroticon in 2018!

Jermyn Street by Pain as Pleasure 
As a kinky girl, I love stories like this that play on D/s and kink fantasies. That it’s well written makes it even more realistic. But what makes this so wonderful is how Catherine goes from shy and nervous to enthusiastic and willing to show just how kinky she is (in a safe, vanilla way, of course). Watching personal growth of a submissive makes even the kinkiest fantasy realistic to me. Of course, this also makes me want to go on a shopping spree for pervertables, which is always a plus.

Shop by Mischa Eliot 
Mischa always writes great sexy, kinky fantasies. They’re the kinds of things that you know probably wouldn’t happen in real life, but you don’t mind. Why? Because the characters feel real, and so does the sex. Mischa also has a wonderful habit of writing things that make me think, “I need to show John Brownstone (my Dom) this!” to help facilitate some kinky fuckery of our own. This week, Mischa made me wish I had a reason to go shopping for rope.

A Grounding Need by Marie Rebelle 
Marie might think she shouldn’t be in a list on her own meme but I don’t care. First of all, good writing is good writing, and her writing is excellent. And second, I had a visceral reaction reading her post this week. Not only have I been there, so I empathize on that level, but she conveys needs and frustrations that are familiar to plenty of people. Can I handle it? Do I want it? But I need it. The hardest part is knowing exactly what you want and need and not reacting to it (when you finally do get it) the way you think you ought to. It can make stress and anxiety that much worse. Marie makes that so apparent that even if your kink isn’t pain, you know where she’s coming from.


This week’s prompt is a suggestion by Mrs Fever:


Sometimes fizzy, floaty, and fun, other times a luxurious pampering; bubbles in the bath are one of my favorite things. But bubbles are found elsewhere as well: fizzing from champagne bottles, boiling in pots, and popping out of gum-chewers mouths. What makes you feel bubbly?

The top 3 for this week will be done by Honey, of Happy Come Lucky.

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