mimi november rain

I open the door and she pushes me against the wall. She kisses me passionately, her hands grasping my breasts. Our tongues entwine. I lick her neck and bite it. Her hand is down my panties feeling my wetness. She enters me with two fingers and starts to fuck me. I start to howl as she thrusts up to my G-spot. She kisses my nipples, softly biting them. She knows what I like.

She fucks and fucks me and soon I’m lying on the hallway floor, my legs in the air. She places her head between my legs and starts to lick my ass. It feels fantastic.

“Yes!” I scream. She has three fingers in me now, pumping my cunt hard. My head is straining back, my eyes shut tight. I yell and I cum powerfully, spraying juice onto the floor. She slows down and licks up my cream. Her tongue starts to explore my wet cunt lips and clit.

I hold her head with both hands. She licks my inner thighs, turning me on even more, and I start to buck, craving her tongue on my clit. She teases me by kissing my cunt and licking from my asshole to my clit.

“Yes!” I exclaim, sprawled on the floor, legs apart, half undressed. Soft, gentle licks send me swooning, my head rolling left to right. She soon sets a pace, stopping to nibble and bite. Her tongue feels so sensual, driving me into a state of bliss. I lie back, quiet now as she arouses me to orgasm. Her tongue moves harder and I hold onto her head and let out a massive holler.

“Oh!” I yell, sweating, my heart beating fast. She slows down her tongue and savors my pussy juices. I hear her moaning. Her hand is between her legs. I sit up and kiss her red mouth, my tongue darting in and out. I kiss her breasts, her stomach and down her legs.

She lies back, legs opening wider. She’s so wet, and it turns me on. I lick her cunt and wet two fingers in my mouth. I plunge them into her hard and fast. I know she likes it like that. She lets out a yelp. I fuck her deeper, right up to my knuckles. I move my head down and start to lap at her clit.

She gasps, and with my free hand, I feel up her body to her left breast and squeeze the nipple. My tongue gets faster and I feel her clit swell underneath. I insert three fingers, then four, and fuck her right up to her cervix. Her clit hardens under my tongue. I fuck and lick, fuck and lick, enjoying her pleasure. She’s moaning loudly.

She erupts, cum squirting out of her, her legs clamping around my head. I keep licking as she gasps to get her breath back. My hand slowly withdraws, giving her a couple of slow pumps. I swipe my tongue from her ass to her clit and lick up her cum cream and slowly, lap at her clit. There’s sweat on my forehead and chest.

I kiss up her body and lick her breasts. We kiss and hug then entwine, curling up in front of the doorway. Our eyes close as we slowly caress each other. Our lips meet. It’s started to rain.

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