I meet her in a club and she offers me her place to relax. We catch a cab through the streets of Melbourne. She lives close by. We climb the stairs to her place. Inside, the décor is lovely: ornaments, carpets from India. As we enter she holds my hand and leads me to the bedroom. There’s a nicely made bed with a tiger design.

She takes her top off, revealing beautiful breasts with pink nipples. I walk up to her and take her in my arms. We kiss, tongue to tongue for a minute, then I slide my tongue down her neck and onto her breasts. I suck and nibble, making her aroused as I hear groans of approval. I move her to the bed where she strips her jeans off, and then her panties. She lies naked, her little brown bush of pubes and lovely pink vulva protruding.

I am still fully clothed and lie on top of her, hands either side of her face. We kiss passionately. She gropes for my body, grabbing my breasts, my ass. I undress to my bra and panties. She throws me across the bed and starts to nibble my neck, then my tits. My clit is throbbing and I feel juice seeping out of me. She wets two fingers and puts them inside me, hitting my G-spot instantly. I start to move and shake with the rhythm, my breath becoming shallower. She keeps fucking me, then adds a third finger which sends me over the edge. I start to wail, moan, holler and yell and soon I cum, cream pouring out of my honeypot.

She lies on top of me, kissing me, then sits up and gradually moves to my head where she hovers her beautiful slit over my mouth. I start to lick, She’s groaning now. I keep licking and nibbling at her clit as I hold her ass in my hands. Then I tongue fuck her cunt. She yells for more. I go back to her clit and she’s building up to a climax. Her legs tremble, her face moves down between my legs where she tries to lick me, but her concentration has gone. She is yelling out “Oh God!” as she cums. I feel her clit pulsing. It’s a wonderful thing.

She throws herself around to look at me. We kiss again, her holding my butt and writhing. I lift my thigh so she can grind on it. We kiss and she sucks my breasts. In a minute she’s moaning as she cums again, pushing her head into the pillow. I feel her cum juice on my leg. Then she’s up and crawls down between my legs, licking my clit. It feels incredible. I lie back, eyes closed, clutching the pillow as she brings me to orgasm. I scream out her name then turn my head and lie there, inert. She licks from my belly to my tits. She sucks each nipple then comes close to my face and kisses me.

“Do you want to stay the night?” she asks.

“Of course,” I reply. We rest, holding each other until sleep finally overtakes us.

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